Fragments of Identity, Lost Memories and Twisted Realities by Author Larry Higdon

Fragments of Identity, Lost Memories and Twisted Realities by Author Larry Higdon

TUCKER, Ga. – “In his latest exciting literary adventure, author Larry Higdon encourages readers to take on a heart-pounding memory and mystery quest in “Angel of the Storm”. This amazing story takes you to the heart of danger, and mystery and a realistic look into domestic abuse. 

The story follows “Bad News” Johnson. His life consisted of alcohol abuse, aggression, self-pity, and violence. He barely remembers every moment. Confused and disoriented, he searches for familiar names in his wallet and comes across a card with Katy’s name, likely his significant other. As the story progresses, he finds more clues and more information about a guy named McBroom. Slowly he tried to piece together his life, despite being riddled with fear of turning into a different person once his memory came back. The more he remembers, the more he realizes they are all half-truths but Johnson must answer essential life questions, including the question, Are some things better left unremembered? 

In this darkly riveting novel—Larry Higdon writes a sophisticated psychological mystery that is also a heartbreakingly honest meditation on memory, and identity. A man who embarks on a desperate quest to recover his memory, and his search for the truth will go back decades and have shattering consequences. 

 The book received reviews from different review bodies. Hollywood Book Review said, “Angel of the Storm is an incredibly well-written book. It takes a very laid-back approach to narration with abundant use of imagery to paint a mental picture. It also peppers dialogue generously throughout the prose which puts the reader right in that moment watching the scene unfold.”  

 The review body also pointed out how the author jumps from period to period, almost like watching a timepiece. “The book starts with the main character’s current situation and then frequently jumps to periods of the characters’ lives that are relevant to the story. This works very well, both in providing background and in character development. The characters are very well fleshed out.” 

A thriller with a kick-ass premise: He wakes up not knowing who the heck he is and a shady past he finds unsavory. Johnson slowly discovers that he doesn’t like who he was before—and he wants to be better. 

The review of the book added how the author highlights specific characters and explains how they became who they were. “The author starts the book with a focus on one character and then finishing with him having faded into the background as the story shifts to another character.” 

 While the mystery certainly kept readers turning the pages, what readers will love most about this book is the characters. An article from the Hollywood Review praised the book’s content and potential for helping others. “Larry Higdon offers a realistic look into different home setups where children are emotionally and physically abused. His portrayal of how children handle emotionally manipulative parents is accurate. This particular aspect of the book is a conversation starter about nurture and how the home environment in childhood shapes who people are.“ 

“Angel of the Storm” 

By Larry Higdon 

Kindle | $5.99 

Paperback | $15.99 

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About the Author

WHEN LARRY HIGDON wrote ANGEL OF THE STORM, he was working as an elementary school counselor with kindergarten and first graders and was a registered play therapist. He is also a lawyer. LARRY has lived most of his life in metropolitan Atlanta. 

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