‘Fountain of Youth’ Comes to Florida By Way of South Korea

NanoBubble H2 Water – “The Miracle of One Cup of Water.”

Hollywood, Fla., September 7, 2016 — NanoBubbleUSA is proud to present Hydrogen NanoBubble H2 Water to the United States. Since 2010, NNB Co. Ltd of South Korea has been developing patented nanobubble technology to infuse molecular hydrogen H2 into a  natural spring mineral water from Sunchang-gun, known for centuries as a “Health & Longevity” area. In Korea, this mineral water is known as “the Miracle of One Cup of Water” and voted the “Best Healthy Water.” Molecular Hydrogen H2 is known to have many potential benefits for anti-aging, anti-inflammation, neuroprotection, reduction of oxidative stress properties to health maintenance, exercise recovery, enhanced physical performance, as well as ant-aging.

Is molecular hydrogen water, the New ‘Fountain of Youth’?  Molecular hydrogen is known to be useful because of its potent free-radical scavenging properties especially against the cytotoxic hydroxyl radical that is known to cause diseases, cancer and aging. There are over 350 published articles and research studies that discuss the unique characteristics and properties of hydrogen. It’s no wonder that South Koreans consider NanoBubble H2 Water, their so-called “Fountain of Youth.”

Hydrogen NanoBubble H2 water has the potential to act as powerful antioxidant water that may provide therapeutic benefits and enhanced health. The process of encapsulating the infused H2 molecule in nanobubbles may allow for intra-cellular penetration to occur more freely. Hydrogen NanoBubble H2 Water is available in a special pouch holding 500 mL’s, with over 200 million nano-sized bubbles per cc, 1.6 ppm of molecular hydrogen gas, and a pH of 7.0 – 7.5, an optimal and efficient delivery system for super hydration and antioxidation is now available.

NanoBubble H2 Water is an FDA Registered infused drinking water and ISO 22000 certified safe drinking water. NanoBubble H2 Water is available to purchase online by the case (20 pouches, 500 mL/pouch).or purchased locally in Brooklyn, NY, Los Angeles, CA and Hollywood, FL. Additional locations are being added daily. The MSRP is $80.00 per case or $5.00 per 500 mL pouch. Visit www.NanoBubbleUSA.com.

About NanoBubble USA:

NanoBubbleUSA is an importer and distributor of Hydrogen NanoBubble H2 Water in the Americas and other parts of the world. NanoBubbleUSA is responsible for increasing the awareness, distribution and the use of technologically advanced hydrogen drinking water using patented nanobubble infusion technology. Our mission is spread the word of the potential benefits of drinking Molecular Hydrogen Water for children and adults from all walks of life, by ‘word of mouth’ and through their testimony, among academics, scientists and medical professionals’ research and published studies. For more information visit www.nanobubbleusa.com.

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