Founder of ZingFront: As the only Chinese star of the Facebook convention.

What have we done right?

ZingFront provides SaaS, a high-quality 3D video production tools which can help advertisers effectively minimize the cost: UnrealFront tools from ZingFront can create better ideas for their Facebook advertising… Yeah, right. I can’t believe I’m going to put these concepts together – high quality, 3D video, simplicity!”

In the just concluded 2018 Facebook Global Partner Summit, Diana Williams, the product group director of Facebook introduced ZingFront in this way.  In this conference, Diana introduced altogether four pioneering creative marketing companies to the world with ZingFront being the only Chinese company. What’s the charm of ZingFront that enables it to be praised by the world’s largest Internet giant?

Status Quo of Video Marketing at Home and Abroad

The overseas game market has always been dominated by video ads. But at the same time, on the one hand, the long period of video advertisement production makes advertising require a lot of resources and waiting; and during this process, it’s very easy to derail the market; on the other hand, the high cost of millions of dollars of video advertisement production causes manufacturers to bear plenty of risk during the marketing. With the reduction of site traffic and the popularity of wireless networks at home, it’s foreseeable that video advertising will also become future mainstream form of advertising. Under such circumstances, the existing video advertising production obviously cannot meet the market demand, thus quantitative production will become just needed.

Adherence to Produce What Is Needed by the Times

Zhao Xiuwen, founder and CEO of ZingFront, said that to find solutions for these problems is what ZingFront has been doing. In the 2018 Facebook Global Partner Summit, UnrealFront, a Zingfront product strongly recommended by Facebook, successfully broke the technical limitations of existing ad video production technologies with its combined technologies of 3D and the Internet, thus creating a whole new technological field. UnrealFront has successfully simplified a large amount of work in 3D video through technology cloud platform so as to realize the quantitative production of 3D video advertising. It has Completely subverted the traditional mode of video ad production: video ad production has been most criticized for its longer production cycle. UnrealFront will greatly reduce the process through modular form, thus sharply shortening the time cost, which will allow advertising to be more time-efficient and of high-quality. At the same time, it’s also helpful for manufacturers to conduct cost control. Huge production capacity and convenient upgrading have already attracted many first-line game companies at home and abroad to adopt UnrealFront in video advertising production.

Staying on Track and Focusing on the Achievements

Why would ZingFront receive an invitation from Facebook to become the only Chinese star in the Global Partner Summit?   

Zhao Xiuwen: Facebook Global Partner Summit in 2018 will showcase the latest technology in the world, which will impose quiet strict standards on the selection and exhibition of scientific and technological products. Dianna Williams only demonstrated four business partners (Improvado, Sellsuki, ZingFront, Leadsbridge) at the Summit in front of thousands of people, ZingFront being the only Chinese tech company.

We believe there are two core reasons: on the one hand, we have created the world’s first cross-border product, which has integrated 3D technology with the Internet in an unprecedented manner throughout the video production. The innovative process-oriented production has the privilege to become the so-called black technology; on the other hand, Facebook’s global advertising market has increasingly relied on video ads, which enables video to become a necessity, thus its craving for tech companies with efficient video production technologies. Against such context, it’s a great honor for our UnrealFront to be presented at the Summit. 

This also marks another form of our Chinese company’s going out strategy in the Internet field, the Video Cloud.

Quantization of Video Production: to make a 3D Advertisement within 10 Minutes

At present, overseas video ads are very popular. For video game companies, how often do they change the video advertising materials? How long is a video advertisement valid?  

Zhao Xiuwen: On the one hand, there are differences in the frequency of video material replacement in different channels. For example, it’s faster for Facebook to update its materials; in general, video replacement will vary from a week to a few months. A good video can be used repeatedly in different channels for more than a year. On the contrary, for a bad video, once found its effect is not good, is always facing the adjustment of going offline.

On the other hand, it’s important to find a good creative point of view through rapid production, quick trial and error correction; good video ideas are constantly evolving and continuous optimization. Behind every good video material there are always dozens of video ideas.

What are the main features of UnrealFront?

Zhao Xiuwen: UnrealFront can produce all kinds of game video ads, AR creative video, corporate promotion video and e-commerce brand video.

The main function is to produce works according to scripts in the cloud and in the video. Simply, it’s to combine scenarios, figures, and behaviors.

Specifically, it’s to combine 3D scene operation, figure model, action behaviors and speech expression, integrate the lens, filter, special effects and green curtain and adopt animals, vehicles and weapons. Then, it’s to connect all these elements together through automation to create a script.

A case in point would be the script of two man fighting.

Choose a classic terrain and two heroes, then let the hero attack with long-range effects, select the action of the running up to chase each other and apply weapons for close combat.

Zhao Xiuwen: Actually, we have a multi-subject and multi-style character library, abundant scenes and special effects, over 10,000 levels of action library and nearly perfect lens settings which can be comparable to movies and TV shows (such as following, fixing, path and multi-target cameras). Through the combination and adjustment of various elements, it can deliver up to hundreds of millions of videos with different plots and styles, which should be enough to meet the needs of the vast majority of our customers.

In addition, we support the import of 3D character models and scene models in a variety of formats, including the import of characters with specific actions; this will allow customers to apply their own private model and various cloud abilities, thus enhancing the production efficiency and maintaining the exclusiveness of IP and featured videos.

More importantly, we are adding high-quality characters, animals, action and scene models everyday, allowing users to have more and more stories and scripts. 

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In other words, in order for ordinary users to quickly handle the tool and become self-directed directors, the system platform has done plenty of professional, systematic and technical algorithms work behind the scene.   

We have found a way to select products and maintain balance between practicability and professionalism, between ordinary users and professionals.

ZingFront, the leading 3D video ads semi-automatic producer. UnrealFront, the first 3D semi-automatic video production tool.  In Oct. 11th, it is officially recommended by Facebook GPS (Global Partner Summit). UnrealFront makes it possible to produce 3D video in a creative and efficient way, which can save at least 80% work even for experienced colleagues.

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