Boston, MA – June 23, 2017 – The founder of EB-5 Global Ventures, Micol Mion continues to expand her consultancy business and earn favors from thousands of investors around the world. As a parent company of EB-5 Global Ventures, Immigration Solution LLC seeks to do the same and provide the best consultancy solutions to millions of foreign nationals across the globe.

EB-5 Immigration has long been one of the most desired immigration passes that investors look forward to getting an immigrant status in the US based on their business. EB-5 Global Ventures is a strategic framework designed to help potential investors with their EB-5 Immigration application concerns. The attorneys at EB-5 Global Ventures are affiliated with American Immigration Lawyers Association, AILA.  These attorneys ensure that the applicants meet the highly specialized legal requirements and the set standards. These requirements may pertain to EB-5 Immigration Investor Visas, EB-5 Investments or establishing EB-5 Regional Centers. 

On Tuesday, Micol Mion talked about her ambitions and expressed her vision to become the leading EB-5 Immigration Consultancy Provider in the country by offering services to businessperson across the world.

At a recent conference, the founder put forth the statistics from the prior year. These stats indicated towards the accelerated growth of the company and showed how much potential she carries as a leading figure in the business.  By encouraging their clients to converse in their native language, advisors at EB-5 Global Ventures see much more potential of prospective expansion. Being an immigrant herself, Micol talked about the impediments which are likely to hinder the immigration process when an investor with limited business exposure applies for EB-5 Visa.  Micol further underscored the significance of risk involvement in the EB-5 Immigration process that applications must acknowledge. Assistance in matters of risk management in business, Micol declared, will be provided at EB-5 Global Ventures in the finest form.  

To contribute to the growing popularity of EB-5 Global Ventures, the firm announced the series of awards it has earned to date. These esteemed awards include one by Legal Elite which was awarded to Micol and the parent company of EB-5 Global Ventures; Best for Immigration Law-Massachusetts 2015. Others include the 10 best Client Satisfaction 2016 which was awarded by the American Institute of Legal Counsel (AILC).

EB-5 Global Ventures is run by a team of proficient attorneys who come from all over the world with their exclusive set of experiences and skills; some of these places are Italy, China, Bangladesh, Brazil and Korea. These attorneys have absolute command and language proficiency in Mandarin, French, English, Portuguese, Italian, Urdu and Hindi. The cultural diversity at their workplace helps them better assist their clients according to their level of comfort.


EB-5 Global Ventures is one of the top visa consultancy service agency specializing exclusively in EB-5 Immigration Visa services. The agency is an active member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, AILA. EB-5 Global Ventures continues to expand on the basis of its 100% legality and dedication to their services.

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