Foundation List Promoting Nonprofit Job Openings Online Through Automation

Website Links Groups and Potential Employees Together

November 30, 2017: Nonprofit jobs are becoming easier to find thanks to the services of Foundation List. Located at, the site is a nonprofit job board that offers information on foundation and nonprofit employment opportunities and leverages automation to automatically recruit for nonprofits needing new staff.

Foundation List works leveraging technology to promote nonprofit organizations, foundations and educational institutions while providing the pubic with solutions for getting the most out of their efforts for finding jobs.

Website founder Isaac Schild is excited about the new site and is aiming to allow more nonprofits to communicate with the public. This focus of the site is to make finding nonprofit jobs that are available in the sector easier, and simplifies the recruitment efforts that are traditionally required for nonprofit human resource professionals to locate and hire nonprofit staff.

All groups can get onto the nonprofit job board to list their jobs that they have available. Organizations that actively post nonprofit jobs on Foundation List include foundations, nonprofits, educational institutions, schools, unions, associations, consultants, social enterprises, recruitment firms, and government Agencies.

Positions posted and recruited for on Foundation List include part-time and full-time positions from executive to entry level. All jobs that are posted online are reviewed by Foundation List to get a clear idea of what is available, gain social media promotion, powerful job aggregation recruitment, and include an e-marketing component designed by Foundation List to proactively attract candidates to all posted non profit openings.

In addition, job seekers can post their resumes to the site and get in touch with nonprofits that want to hire them and get the most out of their searches. The information on the site offers a simple design and provides great support to give anyone a leg up in finding legitimate jobs in the nonprofit sector.

The work Foundation List is offering is hoping to make it easier for nonprofits to reach others and get their jobs filled properly. The site is anticipated as being one of the most appealing places for nonprofits thanks to its extensive support for getting people to find the jobs they are interested in when helping others in many ways.

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