Fosjoas K3 Saddle-Equipped Self-balancing Electric Scooter Is Essential For Urban White-Collar

Fosjoas K3 saddle-equipped electric scooter is the right tool to help people lead a free life. It is a perfect transport for them to work every day, because it can avoid traffic jam in the rush hours and thus save much valuable time. Besides, they also can ride it to enjoy happy weekends.

Fosjoas K3 sitting posture self-balancing scooter is quite popular among many urban white-collars, as it kills two birds with one stone. Diana, an urban white-collar, is working in a large-size foreign-funded enterprise who benefits from Fosjoas K3. The following will share the life of Diana who works in a large-size foreign-funded enterprise with K3.


Before, Diana got up at six and left home at seven, and needed another two hours to get to the company because of serious traffic jam. After every day’s work, she was totally exhausted and wanted to do nothing. Recently, she is completely different than before. Her face is glowing all day long, which entirely benefits from Fosjoas K3 2-wheeled electric scooter.

After Fosjoas K3 applies to Diana’s life, she gets up at eight o’clock and return home at six. It almost saves four hours every day for Diana. Riding K3 self-balancing electric scooter is different from riding bicycle. The body is able to control Fosjoas K3, because it depends on aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system to realize self-balancing. If riders want to speed up, they just need to lean their body forward, and vice versa. That is to say, riding Fosjoas K3 is burden-free.

K3 intelligent electric scooter

Besides as a transport to work, Fosjoas K3 also plays a key role in Diana’s weekend days. Oftentimes, she rides K3 intelligent electric scooter to meet her friends in coffee house, seaside western restaurant or beautiful countryside for a picnic. It is equipped with 520Wh lithium-ion battery, which is capable of sustaining 45km. Such a range makes long-distance travels possible. It is a perfect transport every day, because it can avoid traffic jam in the rush hours and thus save much valuable time.

In a word, Fosjoas K3 electric self-balancing scooter lets those white-collar workers, like Diana enjoy a fast and fashionable commuting experience.

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