FORTIS IM Trade: Market Leader In ETF Day Trading For Retail Investors & Traders alike

July 21, 2017 – Fortis IM Trade, an international investment company known for delivering top-class low risk trading strategies for their clients, is rolling out its highly acclaimed ETF trading services to retail private investors. 

At Fortis IM Trade, investing and trading is performed by seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience across most asset classes and sectors. 

The company employs a variety of trading / investment strategies when handling each client’s risk appetite / risk – reward ratio, producing positive results and mitigating exposure to market performance risk. Put simply, the company understands how to get the required trading results using the best bespoke portfolio management practices.

With a clear roadmap of approach to the capital markets, they make the complex procedures as simple as possible for their clients, targeting mid-price profits as opposed to top market returns only. With ever changing capital market dynamics, Fortis Im Trade adapts to come up with strategic and workable trading / investment models to ensure results.

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About Fortis Im Trade

Fortis Im Trade is an international company with a forward thinking approach to global capital market trading. The company is well known for its array of dedicated client focus services, accessibility, and consistent long term performance.

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