Fort Worth Performances for Autism Brings Interactive, Educational Concerts to Autistic Children in Safe, Friendly Settings

Music is a universal language, and everyone must have access to its healing force. This isn’t the case with autistic children, who do not get many opportunities to attend concerts and music events like the rest. One organization, Fort Worth Performances for Autism, is now working to change things for the better.

Parents of autistic children often feel hesitant to bring them to concerts due to the children’s difficulties with self-regulation and sensory stimuli. Fort Worth Performances for Autism (FWPA) was thus founded with the idea of bringing music concerts to autistic children. 

Performances organized by FWPA are no ordinary concerts and music events. Rather, they are interactive performances (IP), a special event that directly engages with the audience and makes them participants in the process. The performers talk between playing their pieces, and welcome singalong, clapping and more.

Other than being interactive, events organized by FWPA are also designed to be sensory-friendly and carry educational components. The recently held March concert was Disney themed, and introduced Disney movies and stories along with play. In February, a concert called ‘Music around the world’ was held which used a map to reveal origins of different styles of music.

Founded by Stanislav Chernyshev, co-principal clarinetist of Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra, and Dr. Ann Hung, private clarinet instructor in the Fort Worth area, FWPA events are specially designed for autistic kids to make them feel comfortable, free from distractions and free from any risks and triggers of unnecessary anxiety. The children learn to participate and communicate through music, and interact in more appropriate ways with other people.

Our concerts are performed by experienced classical musicians, winners of international competitions, with strong teaching and educational background. Our performances are about 45 minutes long and completely free!” says Stanislav Chernyshev.

Our free concerts are interactive and tailored to provide a sensory-friendly and supportive environment. We believe that listening to live music together in a welcoming atmosphere helps to strengthen families and improve life,” says Ann Hung.

Though currently performing in the autistic centers in North Texas metroplex, FWPA is a growing organization and will be available at more places in the future.

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