Fort Lee resident sues Police Department and Officials in a case of “Dirty Cop Theft”

Feeling betrayed and duped by the Fort Lee police authorities, Onn Rapeika sues the town and 31 police officers in a case where he lost assets worth more than $280,000 in a raid.

In an eyebrow raising incident which took the town of Fort Lee by shock, a resident – Onn Rapeika was “robbed” of assets worth more than $ 280,000, in what was supposed to be a raid by the police department based on a defective warrant – as mentioned in the complaint filed by Onn’s attorney. The incident took place in January, 2014 and the victim in this case, has been fighting for what is rightfully his, for over 2 years now and the aim to unmask the cover-up is still on.

Having been falsely charged with weapons possession, money laundering and drug offenses, Onn’s apartment was ripped apart by the police officials. While the police officials claim to have retrieved firearms, drugs and illegal ammunition from his apartment, what occurred is a real big mystery as a big bounty of Rolex watches, a Breitling watch, gold and silver coins and bars, amounting to $250,000, all went missing!

Apart from this, about $34,000 in cash was reported missing from Onn’s apartment, just after the raid. Onn’s claim deepens as the Fort Lee police department has been one of the most corrupt departments with a long list of question marks in its records. This raises questions about the entire chain of events, making the raid highly suspicious. Many questions abound about this odd case.

In a case which clearly causes concern, Onn believes he is innocent, he feels he has been duped by the 31 identified police officials who raided his house with an intention to rob him off his valuables. His belief is that all evidence point to the fact this was a well-orchestrated loot by the 31 policemen who falsely accused him and raided his house with an invalid warrant.

In a complaint filed by his attorney, Evan F. Nappen, Onn has claimed $8 million in damages from the borough, the Police Department and the police officials as compensation and damages includes the costs incurred in the attorney’s fees and costs. Having had to bear the ignominy and pain of losing one’s face and at the same time, being robbed by the police authorities – ironically, the ones whom people approach for help in such cases, Onn says – “What I am being accused of is nothing more than a slander campaign ongoing of 2 years now, which is a cover up for a $250k+ theft by known dirty cops.”


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