Forsyth International Hong Kong Supports Cross-Chain Decentralization

Forsyth International Hong Kong Supports Cross-Chain Decentralization
The upcoming stage of innovation is expected to feature a major role for Forsyth International Hong Kong

Forsyth International Hong Kong (ISIN: HK0234892310), a trusted partner to individuals, wealth managers, family offices, investment managers and institutions in navigating cryptocurrency, a company that develops funds, indexes, insight, and other services, is pleased to announce the incorporation of an avant-garde cross-chain decentralized, non-custodial infrastructure. In order to power the future of DeFi, the company also advances the creation of completely decentralized cross-chain apps.

By utilizing the capabilities of cross-chain technology, industry participants and the projects in their ecosystem can use Forsyth International Hong Kong’s cross-chain infrastructure to provide new value for their clients.

The only project that allows for true decentralized cross-chain transactions between separated heterogeneous blockchain networks is a decentralized blockchain interoperability solution that links the world’s isolated blockchain networks. The company’s cross-chain infrastructure already supports a large number of different tokens in addition to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Wanchain, EOSIO, Litecoin, and Moonriver.

By enabling developers to create tools that offer users unrestricted access to digital representations of value, Forsyth International Hong Kong seeks to unite the disparate world of digital assets. The decentralized cross-chain bridges provided by the company offer developers more options.

“We have been focusing on real decentralization and high-security standards while constructing cross-chain bridges for years. Smart teams delving deeply into cross-chain technologies without being distracted by the volatility of the cryptocurrency market encourage us”, stated Liam Wagner, Chairman and Senior Advisor at Forsyth International Hong Kong.

Developers across the ecosystem now have exciting new opportunities to build robust cross-chain apps due to the decentralized bridges. This connection broadens the Forsyth International Hong Kong ecosystem in favour of all end users as DeFi becomes more cross-chain. The seamless cross-chain interoperability of assets, data, and commands will be a defining characteristic of the next blockchain era.

About Forsyth International Hong Kong

Forsyth International Hong Kong is a cryptocurrency investment specialist and hedge fund that is committed to providing exceptional returns through an actively managed diversified portfolio of blockchain asset vehicles. The company commits to a research-driven and quantitative approach. Started by experienced VC investors and Internet entrepreneurs, Forsyth International Hong Kong strives to provide its partners and investors with a superior return by targeting both short-term and long-term opportunities in the rapidly growing crypto finance sector. The firm’s origins are in technology and it prides itself in having a deep understanding of protocols, the blockchain, and the crypto field.

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