Former Argentine top footballer leading new training methodology in US.

By: Daphne Rodriguez

Orlando, Fl – Christian Carnero was once one of the top 11 players for Argentina’s national team. After Argentina’s historical win at Qatar 2022, Carnero’s name has emerged as one of the key figures behind Argentina’s rise to the pinacol of the “Beautiful game”.

As a player, Carnero played top division in Argentina, Mexico, Ecuador and Colombia. As a starter of the national squad in the 1990s and early 2000s, Carnero played alongside well known figures such as  Gabriel Batistuta and Diego Armando Maradona. Playing alongside some of the greatest in the sport  not only allowed him to make historical plays and goals but also retain skills and know-how that today is proving an important asset as he coaches top youth leagues across the Americas.

Carnero has led several top youth leagues in Argentina to win their division championships including Instituto Atlético Central and C A Las Palmas. He is also co-founder of REDH sports a unique talent academy focused on forming and marketing the best players in the world.

Today Carnero, has exported the Argentine soccer methodology to the United States with the hopes of forming the next Messi or Di Maria. He crafted an international partnership with Ideasport, a prestigious soccer academy in Orlando, Florida. The partnership allows Carnero to develop players the way Argentine academies do.

“I think the US has all the necessary tools to form top global players, they have the infrastructure, the facilities, the family support but they lack the methodology which my team and I will incorporate.

Carnero promises that in 5-10 years one of the best soccer players will emerge from Ideasport Academy. 

Carnero’s methodology centers on three elements field positioning, player interaction on the pitch and player conditioning. He also emphasizes the need to position players to join more competitive clubs in Europe and South America at an early age.

Carnero’s work is becoming global as more clubs and academies are seeking to model after Argentina’s way of training and forming players. Ideasport seems to be at the forefront of this new trend.

Ideasport is considered one of the most elite youth soccer leagues in the US with a strategic partnership with ESPN and Disney World of Sports it seems set to pave the way to forming top players.

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