Joins Local Tech Startup with and Eye on the American Dream.
Baltimore, MD – Ambassador Charles Paul (The Republic of the Marshall Islands) was the youngest accredited Ambassador to the United States when he presented his credentials in 2011 to President Obama. The (then) 31 year old rising star had spent time in the U.S. working in the Embassy and attended College on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Today he may not yet be a D.C. local but, Ambassador Paul has decided to join the area based, in order to take his turn at the American Dream while helping other’s obtain the same- an objective of the organization.

During Ambassador Paul’s tenure, a primary duty was to help newly immigrated persons assimilate into the U.S. workforce. “Those I had the pleasure of serving embodied the American Dream we all idolize. I knew that I was not ready to leave without taking my turn to capture a piece of that spirit” Paul said. “Every day there are thousands of small, independent and hardworking trades and handymen, the ones who keep our homes standing. They aren’t familiar with the latest marketing trends and up until now (even considering current offerings in the Home Improvement Industry), there is not a widespread platform that I felt truly had their best interest in mind. EFynch feels different and I witnessed both firsthand. There was a passion they have in helping people and growing a community and I knew this is my opportunity”.

Ambassador Paul will be taking a position as a Co-Founder and will be in charge of geographic expansion and plans for a future fundraise.

Unlike other offerings, EFynch is unique in that it’s community first approach offers contractors and companies a platform where all are Pros are placed on an equal footing during their proprietary competitive bidding projects. EFynch is the first online system that provides homeowners a way to obtain competitive quotes and automatically negotiate terms with little or no input on their part. “The guy with a flannel shirt and pickup truck” is listed as a primary member according to

EFynch has 2,000 members and helped to complete over 500 projects or $400k +/- in work since the official October 2016 launch.

More information can be obtained by contacting EFynch at or contacting CEO and Co-Founder Teris Pantazes at (410) 562-9103

CASE STUDY – EFYNCH provides the lowest prices by keeping everything local.

Below is a study of a simple EFynch service compared to online competitors. EFynch has performed nearly 30 TV installs since focusing on this market 2 months ago. Prices are significantly lower than others, including the newest entrant to our area, takl.

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Company Name: EFynch
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Country: United States