Forensics Detectors’ Ozone Meters Helping With Sterilization During Pandemic

Providers of innovative gas detection solutions, Forensics Detectors helps facilitate sterilization efforts during the pandemic with their range of ozone meters

Forensics Detectors continues to innovate specialized gas detectors, meters and analyzers. The company is supplying ozone meters to Fortune 500 companies amid the pandemic as the popularity for sterilization and disinfection of pathogens continues to increase.

Ozone gas has been shown to be an effective tool to combat the pandemic via sterilization and disinfection. Consequently, there has been an increase in the demand for ozone detectors and meters. Unfortunately, many of the available products do not meet the needs of customers as they are either exorbitantly priced or fail to deliver on accuracy and durability. However, Dr. Koz and his team at Forensics Detectors are looking to change this narrative by offering a wide range of Ozone detectors that are accurate by being calibrated to NIST traceable sources undertaken in the USA.

Several large and small companies across the globe have begun using ozone for sterilization and disinfection of pathogens. Numerous studies have demonstrated that ozone can reduce the level of bacteria and viruses that are airborne and also on solid surfaces, offering immense benefits to users. One advantage is the penetration of hard-to-reach areas of the room, such as fixtures, fabrics, and the under surfaces of furniture. Ozone sterilization is also more efficient as compared to liquid sprays, aerosols, or ultraviolet light. Ozone gas detectors are used to assist in achieving a specific ozone concentration for effective disinfection.

The company offers a variety of Ozone detectors that range from low-level 0.01ppm to 100ppm of ozone concentration detection. Meters and detectors include built-in pumps, datalogging, graphing or more basic version that present instantaneous ozone concentrations.

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About Forensics Detectors

Forensics Detectors was established in 2017 by Dr. Koz to offer consumers affordable and innovative gas detectors, meters, and analyzers. Dr. Koz, a world-renowned expert in toxic gas detection aims to develop innovative products for public health and environmental well-being. Headquartered in California on the lovely Palos Verdes Peninsula, the company designs, develops, manufactures, and sources products that meet Dr. Koz’s strict technical requirements.

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