Foreign Clients Experience Chinese Traditional Art

In order to strengthen the friendship of foreign customers and pass on traditional culture, the company jointly with foreign companies in the park and relevant organizations to carry out the theme of “Taste Chinese traditional culture, gather love together” on March 22, 2024. Among them, the staff of the park enterprises from Pakistan, Morocco and other countries and more than 20 representatives of the park enterprises participated in the activity.

At the event, the paper-cutting teacher demonstrated a simple introduction to paper-cutting skills to the guests. Under the leadership of the teachers, foreign friends also joined the ranks of paper-cutting and tried to cut out their own works. From the simple cut “double Xi” word entry, to a slightly complex butterfly pattern, zodiac pattern… Foreign friends immersed in the fun of paper-cutting, while praising the teacher’s dexterous hands, while drawing on the gourd, according to the teacher’s method carefully completed their own works.


The art of calligraphy is closely related to life. The Chinese New Year couplets and blessing characters posted by every household are the best combination of calligraphy art and modern life. Wei Yihai, the teacher who “instructed” the guests to write Chinese calligraphy, felt very honored to introduce traditional Chinese culture to foreign friends. “To carry forward traditional Chinese culture, I hope to be able to ‘learn both Chinese and Western’ and look at Chinese traditions from the perspective of the world.” Different cultures, different backgrounds, with respect for China’s extensive and profound culture, curiosity and reverence for calligraphy, these foreign friends make friends with calligraphy and immerse themselves in the world of calligraphy. And carefully follow the teacher to learn how to hold the pen, how to dip the ink, how to write the order… Under the careful guidance of the teacher, the foreign friends picked up the brush and wrote down their favorite words “I love China”, and said with deep understanding: “Writing Chinese with the brush is difficult for me, but it is really a very interesting experience!” The vast and profound Chinese culture has yet to be explored by me.”


In China, the gourd has a good meaning on behalf of the good fortune, the gourd vitality, but also the meaning of many children, it can be said that the gourd is one of the oldest mascots of the Chinese nation, loved by people. The foreign friends then followed the gourd carving teacher and deeply experienced the charm of traditional Chinese gourd art. Foreign friends holding their own small gourds, eager to try. Hamza, from Morocco, carved his Chinese name and animal sign “Yang” on his gourd. At the end of the experience, foreign friends and teachers took photos, each foreign friend made their own satisfactory works, and expressed their great thanks to the teacher.

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