Forbes Contributor Carsten Funke of Picavi Talks HR Enticing Warehouse Workers with Innovative Technology

Forbes Contributor Carsten Funke of Picavi Talks HR Enticing Warehouse Workers with Innovative Technology

Carsten Funke, CEO at Picavi USA, the leader in pick-by-vision technology, is a frequent contributor to Forbes. Two of his highly read articles include HR Professionals Innovate Hiring Using Technology To Entice Warehouse Workers. Funke discussed how human resources (HR) can entice warehouse workers with innovative technology. 

Funke noted, “a new technology influencer at the table is HR. Until now, HR mostly only held the responsibility of onboarding new employees and sometimes training existing staff on how various warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing technologies were to be used.

In the second feature, ”Fulfillment Management Solutions In The Era Of Temporary Worker Mentality Funke discussed solutions to the challenges of temporary workers in fulfillment management. He explained, “If workers find the technology easy-to-use and even enjoyable, their propensity to stay on the job (if employee retention is desired) increases and makes those companies a good place to work. Any selling feature to attract Gen Z workers is vital as they become the primary workforce in the next decade.”

Funke is a proud member of the Forbes Business Council, an invitation-only organization for successful business leaders and executives who are selected for the council based on the depth and diversity of experience in the business development space.

Current vs. Future State of Warehouse Picking

Whether warehouse or distribution center, the current state of picking remains problematic. These challenges grow more serious as picking migrates to e-retail fulfillment. The metrics and justification of Google Glasses, as a picking methodology, must include a constant, iterative, and continuous process improvement system. This requirement defines the future state of warehouse picking; only Picavi is ready to meet the future state today.  

About Picavi USA 

Picavi USA Pick-by-Vision solution makes it possible to visually manage the picking process for goods in intralogistics in a consistent manner. Picavi’s Cockpit uses artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and digital twin technology as a breakthrough innovation, maximizing productivity at warehouses and minimizing error rates. Only with this Smart Data technology are e-fulfillment solutions possible, transcending the initial value proposition of Google Glasses

When wearing the smart glasses, warehouse workers have both hands free for primary tasks, including picking and packing goods. Augmented reality (AR) with context-based information makes work much more precise, predictable, and fun. Google Glasses have become an indispensable part of warehouse life.  

Picavi USA, based in Illinois, is a subsidiary of Picavi, headquartered in Germany. Call (312) 585-8312 to learn more about Picavi USA Pick-by-Vision. Follow on Twitter at @Picavi_GmbH.

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