For Passionate Online Gamers, New App ‘Token Fire’ is a Truly Rewarding Experience

Monte Sereno, CA – The online gaming industry is sustained by the passionate involvement of gamers worldwide. But few have thought of the real needs of avid, young gamers, who often lack finance to upgrade to or buy premium game apps or progress in their favorite game. G2TOP, which has managed gaming sites in the past, has come out with a new app, Token Fire, which solves the young gamers’ challenge by giving them tokens that can be exchanged for rewards on other popular sites.

Token Fire is simple to use and will be loved by gamers, who can earn tokens by downloading free apps and games on their Android device. The tokens can be redeemed for rewards on sites like Google Play, Amazon, PayPal cash, PlayStation, Steam, Amazon, and many others. Tokens can be exchanged for gift cards that get delivered within 24 hours. Users can also invite friends and earn 10 percent of the tokens they earn.

Token Fire is primarily intended to finance the gaming experience of young users, who often lack funds to progress further. Token Fire allows them to earn the prize money themselves, and exchange it for cash or gift cards that can be used to buy other products.

“Token Fire is the best reward site ever to exist on planet Earth! It is simply amazing, easy to use and getting big rewards!” said a recent app user.

All mobile games offers an option of buying upgrades and premium currencies (virtual currencies) such as gems, gold, diamonds to gain new benefits that make the game more fun and easier in exchange for real money.

Token Fire is primarily intended for use by young players of mobile and computer games world that do not have their own funds and allows them to progress in the game without any cash outflows by earning the prize money themselves using the TOKENFIRE application.

“The demand for such a solution is huge, but most players fall for hacks and quick fixes, which leads them to non-working scam sites. Token Fire is intended to resolve this hurdle and create an easy way to play, earn and progress further with the gaming experience,” said Jasmin of G2TOP.

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