For every wrestling lover, wrestling perspective podcast creates the over-the-top, surreal effect.

8th August, 2018 – Remember that time when the only means of watching a wrestling match was either to be there or watch on TV. Then and now with the explosion of the internet, wrestling is still a sport that is saturated with many millions of limitless fans all around the world.

Over the last couple of years, the world of wrestling podcasts has completely exploded, and the audio-on-demand outlet has become almost as successful as the visual side.

In order to please their fans, Wrestling Perspective Podcast hosted by Impact Wrestling own Canadian Destroyer Petey Williams and Dennis Farrell have added #DuhCast a new podcast.

Has podcasts today are the hottest new way to find out everything you want to know about professional wrestling and its main events and stars, they do not want their fans and followers to be left out.

Current WWE Superstar James Ellsworth who is currently featured on the SmackDown Live brand hosts Wrestling Perspective Podcast weekly and this happens every Tuesday.

Wrestling Perspective Podcast is the only place you will find audio content from current wrestlers on two major wrestling promotions, WWE and Impact Wrestling.

The Wrestling Perspective has peaked on the iTunes Podcast ranking at #3 on the Sports and Recreation category.

Not only will you enjoy podcasting, you will learn so many diversities that will leave you utterly shocked and amazed. Perfect to listen to while you are driving, jogging, at home… anywhere at all.

If you are interested in Syndication of one of both podcast, be sure to contact them. You will never regret this action.

You can also find both podcasts at and contact the show at


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