Football Startup LZRD Tech Receives First-Ever Direct Venture Funding By Georgia Tech

Football Startup LZRD Tech Receives First-Ever Direct Venture Funding By Georgia Tech
NCCA approved, loved by d1 football players, featured on Niel DeGrasse Tyson’s Podcast Star Talk, LZRD tech has found the endzone.

LZRD Tech is the leading brand of grip-enhancing football apparel, which has gained exclusive popularity for its line of sleeves. They’ve recently launched a first of its kind anti-fumble football sleeve, taking the football world by storm. The LZRD Sleeve is designed to increase grip and boost control of the football. The inner hemisphere is meticulously combined with grip-enhancing LZRD technology to provide a breathable and snug fit that is ready for all-day wear. 

LZRD Tech recently received the first-ever direct venture funding from The Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) through its newly launched sports-focused venture fund. Georgia Tech hopes that its new sports-focused venture capital fund can find student initiatives that help the athletic budget and lead to more celebrations. One of the spokespeople for the company was quoted as saying, “Football players at all levels from all around the country trust our sleeves to prevent fumbles. Players are hooked the first time they play with one!”

These NCAA-approved sleeves have patent-pending grip-enhancing technology within the inner hemisphere of the sleeve, which generates friction and helps the user handle whatever is in their arms, setting it apart from other compression sleeves. They are also used by package delivery drivers, construction workers, and those working other task-intensive jobs. LZRD aims to expand beyond just athletics and is currently working with many industrial companies to incorporate the LZRD fabric into their existing uniform shirts, jackets, vests, pants, and other garments. Check them out on Instagram.

The LZRD Sleeve wasn’t created overnight. Mike Pullen and Mat Quon, the founders, have a fascinating backstory. Mike, who used to be a wide receiver in high school, was unable to find sleeves that were not slick when in contact with the football. Worried about fumbling, Mike opted out of wearing a sleeve, leaving his arms susceptible to lacerations and turf burn. After his playing days were over, an opportunity arose in college to further pursue a solution to his football sleeve issue. As a student at Georgia Tech, Mike enrolled in a class entitled “Material Science and Engineering of Sports,” taught by his now-business partner Dr. Jud Ready. In this class, students could choose any sports-related innovation to work on as long as it was novel and rules compliant. While Mat and Mike achieved a decent grade and were content with ending the development of the sleeve, Dr. Ready encouraged them to apply to Create-X, Georgia Tech’s start-up incubator. From there, the business exploded.  

LZRD Tech’s Mike Pullen shared, ‘It really is an honor to have the faith and support of our alma mater. GT is known to be one of the largest start-up communities in the country, and to be the first to receive a direct investment is mind-blowing. We are so fortunate to have a great team of advisors, mentors, and partners who are all devoted to our success.

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