Focus on JACBS: HB Consumables in Hot Demand

Recently, the 38th Annual Biomedical Joint Academic Conference was held in Taiwan, which is a medical event jointly organized by nine domestic societies, and an annual large-scale academic seminar, attracting about 2,000 life science scholars and students from home and abroad. With the theme of “Biomedicine & Life”, this annual conference is dedicated to showcasing the achievements and development goals of biomedicine in Taiwan.

Up to now, Haier Biomedical has delivered centrifuge tubes, pipette, and vacuum filters to customers in Taiwan, with over 1500 boxes delivered, receiving the unanimous praise of Taiwan customers, users, with excellent production technology and high-quality production standards, Haier Biomedical’s medical consumables products in Taiwan gained a high reputation. At this academic annual meeting, Haier Biomedical’s Taiwan agent promoted the consumables products to the scholars who came to the exhibition, attracting many exhibitors to stop, observe and get a stronger understanding of the usage opportunities as well as the level of quality.

Haier Biomedical consumables products mainly include four series, which are disposable consumables used in liquid treatment scenarios, such as pipette, pipette, centrifugal tube as key examples. Cell culture square bottles, triangular shaker bottles and microbial petri dishes of various sizes used in the biological culture scene; In the sample storage scenario, Haier Biomedical has reagent bottles that meet the storage requirements of various reagents, as well as pre-coded frozen storage tubes, frozen storage boxes and frozen storage shelves; There are also PCR tubes and PCR plates suitable for PCR application scenarios, which can greatly meet the needs of laboratories.

With the continuous growth of global medical technology and health investment and the improvement of public health awareness, the increasing global medical demand has also directly promoted the rapid development of the medical consumables industry, which is expected to grow to $365.29 billion by 2025. Haier Biomedical Laboratory consumables solutions create a safe, efficient, and convenient scientific research experience for you.

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