Florida Insurance Company Reveals Four Ways to Reduce Car Insurance Rates – Number Three is a great Surprise

HOLLYWOOD, FL – October 31st, 2018 – Florida-based company First Choice Insurance Solutions revealed four simple strategies for car owners who want to lower the rate of their auto coverage.

“Everyone would like to pay less for insurance,” said Lloyd Singh, licensed insurance agent for First Choice. “And there are many people who could be paying less than they currently are. The key is to think like an insurance company.”

Singh explained that insurers like low-risk drivers. If you can prove to insurance companies that you’re a safe driver with low probability of getting in an accident, they will be willing to offer you better rates.

“One way to do that is by taking a defensive driving course,” Singh said. “Some insurance companies will give you a discount of anywhere between 5% and 20% (10% on average) for a course that usually costs well below $100.”

The First Choice representative went on to cite reduced car usage as another simple way to lower insurance rates.

“Most insurers ask you how many miles you drive your vehicle per year. It’s a way to measure risk: the more you’re on the road, the more likely you are to be involved in an accident.

“By opting to walk, bike, or use public transit in situationsthat don’t necessarily call for a car, you cut down on mileage, which in turn cuts down on risk and your rates.”

Number Three on the list may surprise you. Singh explained that installing certain anti-theft devices on your vehicle can also help.

“It makes sense,” he said. “A stolen or vandalized car is a huge loss for the insurer. That’s why you’re charged more when you live in a high-crime area. And while you can’t always choose where you live, you can choose to lessen the likelihood of theft with a few smart additions.”

Besides the standard audio alarms, Singh recommends a vehicle tracking system, steering wheel locks, floorboard locks, gearshift locks, ignition kill switches, and armored collars that prevent hot-wiring.

Finally, Singh said working on your credit score can bring down your auto insurance rates.

“By being responsible with your finances, you show your insurer that you’re a responsible driver,” he said.

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