Floormat.com Electric Mats Cover Senior Safety This Winter

Ramp Up Protection For 1.6 Million Older Adults Likely To Slip And Fall

Floormat.com, the leading producer of custom mats and safety floor coverings, is introducing innovative, customized heated exterior matting solutions to help eliminate dangerous falls and slips.

“These mats are intended to protect our most vulnerable citizens,” says Nino Cervi, Floormat.com spokesperson. “Our mats can be sewn together to cover any unusually shaped area to melt snow and ice.” Statistics released by the NIH Senior Health reveal that one in three adults over the age of 65 fall each year. Nearly 2 million seniors land in the hospital with spinal injuries, broken bones and hip fractures that can lead to the loss of independence, loss of salary and debt due to loss of income.

Winter can be a devastating time for seniors, who often lose their sense of balance or rely on canes and walkers for support. Snow, black ice and icy build up on ramps can lead to loss of traction, slips and falls. “Our heated mats are designed to melt ice so our clients know they have the freedom to maneuver out of their home even in challenging winter conditions. We can create a continuous system for floor melting mats and stair treads,” says Mr. Cervi.

Non-slip treads on ramps can prevent trips in mild weather or climates but in snowy, icy regions heated mats are the best way to stop a fall. Winter conditions can also lead to burst pipes, roof leakages and other water drips that can lead to accidents for seniors and others.

“There are often overlooked areas in the house that are potential danger zones for seniors and others who are disabled, for instance the area around the refrigerator or freezer that may leak,” adds Mr. Cervi. Mr. Cervi recommends that homes should be carefully inspected and evaluated to eliminate slips and falls. In front of kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, tubs and showers, and garage doors are all places that should have protective, anti-slip mats to help reduce anyone getting hurt, especially senior citizens.

Floormat.com offers custom matting to surround refrigerators and other locations that present hazards to senior safety. The NIH statistics are critical, according to Mr. Cervi. These statistics reveal that professional assessment and professional matting installation are the best way to prevent falls from occurring.

Floormat.com is one of the leading US manufacturers, distributors and installers of floor mats, heated floor mats, treads and other safety solutions. The company has been innovating flooring solutions for more than 60 years. More information can be found at http://www.floormat.com.



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