Flooring Company Reveals the Secret to its Environmentally Friendly Success

A Toronto hardwood flooring company has revealed the secret to its environmentally friendly success.

Three Trees Flooring has detailed how it has become an environmentally hardwood flooring company. A spokesman for the company said that protecting the environment was such a huge part today’s world that it was important to them to make it part of their ethos as a company.

A spokesman for the company said: “We make sure that we only source hardwood product exclusively from ethical forestry operations.

“We choose wood that is cut down locally to our operation so we can reduce our carbon-based fuel consumption.

“We will also use our waste and by-products so there is no waste. We use them to kiln dry the lumber that is used to create our hardwood flooring.

“We are always looking for ways in which we can minimize our impact on the environment. It is an ongoing process for us. We are totally dedicated to ethical manufacturing processes in every aspect of our business. We also want to make sure that our dealers are fully educated on what we do for the environment and make sure this is passed on to our customers,” he added.

Three Trees Flooring has five different collections of flooring for clients to choose from. They vary in colour, style, shape, size and price.

All of the company’s flooring is hand-crafted by professionally trained craftsmen to ensure that all of their products are the very best quality for every customers.

“We have quite a unique collection of flooring for our clients. It means they can find a colour and style that really suits their taste and needs for the project in hand, and they can be really happy that we are doing everything we can to be environmentally friendly.

“The other factor that really sets us apart is our 3-ply construction – spruce core. We can do this in straight plank, herringbone or chevron styles. This structure is extremely durable and provides perfect stability in extreme temperatures.

“Humidity can expand and shrink hardwood flooring, so we always recommend that our clients maintain a humidity level of 45% to 60% to help with the longevity of their flooring.

“Finally, the other factor that clients need to consider when choosing a hardwood floor is the grade of wood. Select and better is the highest and cleanest grade of hardwood and the colours are mild. The other grade is character. This is a more natural look with real knots and a real rustic look. It gives a very natural and rustic elegance to a room”, he added.

About Three Trees Flooring

Three Trees Flooring is an environmentally aware hardwood flooring company working with flooring retailers across Ontario.  The company provide quality flooring in a whole variety of different wood, colours and designs.

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