Floor Loading Calculation Recommended Before Racking Decisions says Hoj Innovations

Experienced materials handling experts, like Hoj Innovations, the parent company of WarehouseOS, have seen disasters when the floor is improperly built. According to Tim Hoj, CEO of Hoj Innovations, the weight of both the platform and its load needs to be considered. Too much weight causes the floor to crack or create dangerous OSHA violations, even employee injury or death.

In warehouses and distribution centers the ground-floor slab is critical to the effective functioning of the facility, but there remains considerable misunderstanding concerning the specification, design, and construction. Specifications are still often too onerous for appropriate cost-effective construction, or too vague, with conflicting requirements, resulting in unsatisfactory floor performance.  

Although construction quality has shown some improvement in recent years with the advent of new techniques and materials, the floor is often still considered to be part of the groundworks. Those constructing the floor are notoriously low-skilled, highly competitive sector of the industry, and is procured accordingly. The new techniques themselves have resulted in some difficulties, with poor planning, and lack of understanding of concrete characteristics.

Before capturing an accurate pallet rack capacity, consider flooring always begins the conversation. Consulting with a qualified engineer, such as those at Hoj Innovations, can help plan and prepare specific needs.

A Tube Rack system provides a stronger, safer, and smarter alternative to conventional racking systems. This engineering breakthrough results in as much as 50 percent reduction in uplift on the footplate to slab calculation. This significantly lessens slab uplift design requirements in all facilities, including public installations. Tube Racking can be used for all storage solutions such as AS/RS systems.

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About Hoj Engineering & Sales Co. Inc.:

Hoj Engineering, based in Utah, with clients throughout the United States, are a leader in warehouse distribution consulting and material handling solutions. Hoj (pronounce Hoy) opened their doors more than fifty years ago as an engineering-driven family business with a mission to change the industry. Today Hoj Engineering & Sales Company operates with 150 employees and over 50 service vehicles.

Tim Hoj, CEO of the company, shared that all at the firm are passionate for providing the most rigorous and creative design solutions, backed up by exceptional customer service and friendly, caring people. Hoj Engineering’s goal is to extend the boundaries of modern material handling and logistics, one customer at a time.

Hoj Engineering specializes in internal logistic design, space utilization, productivity and process improvement studies, and app driven inventory management solutions.  The company provides support to the distribution, fulfillment, and manufacturing industries throughout the United States. Some of their satisfied customers include Sparkle in Pink, Pitman Creek Wholesale, Backcountry.com, and CampSaver.com.

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