Flood Control Barriers, LLC, Wins Contract to Provide Floodblock Barriers for the West Side Yard of Long Island Railroad

Flood Control Barriers, LLC, the U.S. supplier for Environment Solutions of Denmark, has been awarded the contract to provide Floodblock barriers for the Long Island Railroad’s Westside Yard in the New York City. 

Flood Control Barriers’ CEO, Adam Wagner, said that this location had been vulnerable to flooding during Superstorm Sandy and other severe meteorological events. According to Wagner, the company’s Floodblock flood protection barriers will provide almost one-quarter of a mile of perimeter protection for this location. Deployment Specialists from Flood Control Barriers, LLC, will personally train the Long Island Railroad personnel so that the barriers can be installed and deployed at the first sign of flooding threat.

Long Island Railroad West Side Yard, New York, New York

The company’s barriers have been used to protect infrastructure, homes, and businesses throughout Asia, Europe, and Canada since 1999 where it is marketed under the name NoFloods. “We fight water with water,” says Wagner. “Our barriers replace the inefficient sandbags, and at the same time, they are one of the most sustainable solutions on the market.  CO2 emissions can be reduced by as much as 99.5% when installing ½ mile of barrier”.

Floodblock’s Twin Tube PRO configuration is comprised of one layer of weave patterned polypropylene for strength and one layer of polyethylene for water tightness.  The terminals used to begin and end the barriers are made of forged aluminum from which the barriers are filled.  Over one-quarter of a mile of a barrier can be filled from one single access point.  Longer barriers are created utilizing strong aluminum junctions.   This combination creates a puncture-resistant, light-weight, reusable barrier that can easily be removed, transported, and stored after the flooding threat has passed.

For shorter spans of protection, Floodblock’s Twin Tube BASIC is available in lengths from 16.5 feet to 82 feet.  Both the BASIC and PRO models are available in heights ranging from 20 inches to 79 inches, and they have just introduced their XL 250 PRO tubes that provide 100 inches of installed height.  The combination of flexibility, lightweight, and innovative technology allow Floodblock barriers to conform to the geography of most locations.

Being at the forefront of technology, Environment Solutions and Flood Control Barriers, LLC has brought flood monitoring and protection right to your smartphone.  With the introduction of their Early Warning System, several locations can be remotely monitored through an application on your smartphone or computer.  Should water levels within any barrier begin to drop, you will receive a signal.  This technology can also help monitor rising water levels within a body of water to let you know when it is time to deploy your Floodblock barriers. 

In addition to Floodblock’s applications in flood control, it is also effectively used as cofferdams in marine construction, water diversions, containment, and fluid storage.

About Flood Control Barriers, LLC:

Flood Control Barriers, LLC is based in Ronkonkoma, New York.  Flood Control Barriers and Environment Solutions aim to provide innovative engineered solutions that protect communities, businesses, and vital infrastructure from the impact of floods on their lifestyle and the economy.

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