FlipHTML5 Introduces the Best Yearbook Themes for 2018

FlipHTML5, one of industry’s leading global technology companies, introduces the best yearbook themes for 2018 to users around the world.

FlipHTML5 helps software developers and designers in their journey of creating amazing yearbooks, magazines, brochures, and books. Its reliable media editor featuring an array of features satisfies one’s yearbook publishing needs.

Additionally, one can save and share as many produced digital media. FlipHTML5 conveniently handles tasks ranging from the creation of amazing yearbooks to reading experiences for the end user. FlipHTML5 is designed to give the ultimate satisfaction.

FlipHTML5 introduced yearbook themes for 2018. They include San Diego Zoo, A Dog’s Life, Comeback, If you really knew us, Admission, From All Angles, Scrapbook cover, FFUP Pharmacist, UW Math Contributions and PA yearbooks.

San Diego Zoo Yearbook theme has come about as a result of combining both humans and animals. The yearbook publication has pitched a relatively cool creativity. It hopes to reach out to both kids and adults.

A Dog’s Life theme not only depicts emotions but also paves a way expressing ideas clearly without necessarily captioning them. The sight of the image of the subject of the book excites the reader hence promoting its content.

The Comeback theme efficiently makes one focus on the awkward faces. This yearbook theme is designed to promote the new internet explorer.

If you really knew us is among the most creative themes. Its style of presentation alone invokes the reader to read all of it revelations at once. The conclusion phrase “Now you know” is itself pure creativity.

FlipHTML5 also promotes education institutions and start-ups brands. The Admission yearbook embedded with Instagram images effectively highlights the events that took place at the university featured. Besides the Admission yearbook, From All Angles is beautifully designed also for higher learning institutions. Its modern texture and look is a suitable yearbook theme for 2018.

Besides universities, FlipHTML5 also runs promotions for high schools. Scrapbook yearbook theme has an eye capturing template due to the vast varieties it has to offer.

FFUP Pharmacist yearbook theme is aimed at showcasing the objectives of a company, business or organization. It also indicates how they can work at a fundamental level. UW Math contributions theme has been designed in a manner that it introduces the readers to Mathematics department.

PA yearbook theme has a contrasting color designed to appear simple yet with a professional mood. The PA yearbook theme exemplary works in promoting the manner in which members of a project, department or even company work.

For clients who want to learn more yearbook theme ideas, FlipHTML5 has the best offers. 

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