Five Ways To Get Any Logo Printed On Socks

What a unique way to print your unique LOGO on your socks. Common methods include digital printing, embroidery, heat transfer, knitting, and offset printing. Next, I will introduce to you the advantages of printing LOGOs above.

When using digital printing to print a logo, you first need to design the pattern according to the size, and use laser positioning to determine the position of the logo on the sock printer. Import the pattern into your computer for printing. After laser positioning, the position of each sock is the same, achieving accurate positioning.

Use digital printing to print logos, you can print in any color, and the printing speed is fast. Moreover, the use of digital printing technology only sprays ink on the surface of the socks. There is no excess thread inside the socks and the color fastness is high.

Digital printing logo

Use embroidery to customize the LOGO. This way of making the socks look more high-end, and the patterns on the socks will not fade and deform due to long wearing and washing. The cost of using embroidery will be relatively expensive.

Embroidery logo

Usually many companies will print the company’s logo on socks and give them to employees during events.

To use thermal transfer LOGO, the steps are to first print the pattern on transfer paper made of special material, and then cut out the pattern. Turn on the heat transfer equipment and transfer the pattern to the surface of the socks through high-temperature pressing.

heat transfer logo

Thermal transfer printing is low cost and suitable for making large quantities of orders. After heat transfer, the fibers on the surface of the socks will be damaged by the high temperature. When worn on the feet, the pattern will be stretched, and the yarn inside the socks will be exposed, causing the pattern to crack.

Using the knitting method, you need to draw the artwork first, and then import the drawn artwork into the device. During the process of knitting socks, the logo will be completely knitted on the socks according to the picture.

Knitting logo

Offset socks can enhance the grip of socks and prevent them from slipping during exercise. It is common in some amusement parks and hospitals.


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