Five Boro Mold Specialist is a New York Mold Testing & Removal Expert

If you have a mold situation in your home in Brooklyn, Queens, or NYC, you need certified professionals who can safely and effectively take care of the problem. As mold remediation experts, Five Boro Mold Specialist uses the most advanced tools and equipment in the industry and applies systematic best practices they’ve developed over the years they’ve been in the business.

The most common causes of mold at your home include: slow leaks in plumbing pipes or appliances (dishwasher, toilet, garbage disposal) that are not noticed or visible; rooms or unseen, often dark, areas where humidity is too high and damp air is trapped for an extended period (crawl spaces, basements, attics); flooding events where remediation does not begin inside 48-72 hours; cracks in exterior walls that allow water to seep into frame of home or business; and leaks through roofs and exterior siding.

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If mold is growing in your house, it’s very important to get rid of it immediately. It’s also important to get rid of the source. The first step to controlling any kind of mold is testing. Mold testing is about making sure your spaces are healthy, and that you don’t have uncontrolled mold growth on your property.

Be it an air quality test or a surface sample, a mold test has several purposes: assessing fungal ecology, confirming the presence of mold, locating sources of moisture, assessing potential health risks, eliminating potential health risks, planning a mold remediation, providing evidence for insurance claims/litigation, and verifying job completion.

One common reason people decide to get professional mold testing NYC is that they notice persistent smells or recurring symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, skin or eye irritation and headaches. Five Boro Mold Specialist’s mold testing package includes a full report specifying the exact species of mold found and their concentrations. It also includes a professional recommendation for how to proceed with remediation, if necessary. Five Boro Mold Specialist’s reliable services are available in Brooklyn and New York City. All of their testing is done by certified labs.

At Five Boro Mold Specialist, their highly-trained inspectors will carry out a thorough investigation using sensitive equipment, including thermal imaging and infrared cameras. This equipment works to detect areas of damp, excessive temperature changes, water leaks and mold growth that homeowners can’t see. Using this equipment, the technicians can get the job done without needing to remove floorboards or walls. They can and will test for mold in basements, crawl spaces, attics, around windows, and in the most susceptible areas of the bathroom and kitchen.

Five Boro Mold Specialist’s technicians are very experienced in completely removing mold. Calling them will ensure that you move into a clean, mold-free home. Effective mold removal protects the health of your family, preserves the structural integrity of your property, and improves the musty, damp smell associated with mold. These professionals will help you get to the root cause of the issue, so the problem is not repeated.

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