First-Ever Finance App developed solely for Couples “FinancyBirds” Now Available for Download

FinancyBirds, the first-ever finance app developed solely for couples, is now available for download. The iOS version of the app was released in Jun 2018. AlmightyApps Pte. Ltd. the app developer, will release Android version next month and will continuously and progressively develop the app. There will be more valuable features and useful updates to allow users to enjoy the full convenience. 

Manual tracking of finances is tedious, time-consuming, error-prone and inefficient.  Automatic tracking prevents unnecessary expenses. Using a finance tool means reducing errors and no more wastage of time. Everyone knows the importance of effective financial management together, but not everybody knows how to manage their money efficiently. FinancyBirds is designed for couples who want to keep a transparent financial record, reduce bad spending habits, and plan better. By using the app, couples can get a new perspective on how they spend money and manage their finances better. They can easily track expenses and incomes from different sources using different transaction modes such as card charge, cash, or check. They will be able to check each transaction and make sure that everything is accounted for. Through this, the relationship between couples will improve, building more trust with each other.

FinancyBirds promotes better planning of the household budget. Users can add a partner to the app if they want, as well as create a chatting facility about entries. The app is equipped with different personal finance features that can be used by couples and partners. Aside from being able to easily and effortlessly track their incomes and expenses, users can also control the recurrence of their budgeting and expense tracking activities. This allows them to get automatic updates about their finances in a certain period of time.

The app is very simple and easy to use. This allows users to set their budgets, manage daily finances and comment on activities. There’s also an interesting chat feature that the couple could use to coordinate with each other.  Spouses, couples, and partners can easily plan and track their financial status from forecasting and current reports generated from their monthly earnings and spending habits. FinancyBirds sends notifications to provide users with a comparison of expenses between timeline and categories among partners or couples. They can set a full budget or allocate a certain amount of money for each category. Financial management will be in the hands of the couple, and not just one party. There will be better collaboration and partnership in financial management. 

Users can also add recurring expenses, receive reports by email, see forecast reports if needed and manage different modes. This makes their future estimates more accurate. With the help of the app, they can see what is done and what needs to be done to manage their finances better. This can all be done at a glance. They can review the reports to evaluate their spending habits and make adjustments to their current budget. 

FinancyBirds can be downloaded for free for now. This app can help couples avoid incurring unnecessary debts. They will be able to plan how to budget or spend their available money properly to stay on top of their finances. By using FinancyBirds, couples and partners can prevent themselves from spending more than they should. They can start cutting back on those they don’t really need and reduce the possibility of getting into debt. 

About AlmightyApps Pte. Ltd.:

AlmightyApps Pte. Ltd. is a mobile app developer based in Singapore. The company’s app, FinancyBirds, is designed for couples who want to manage their finances better. 

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