First, of it’s Kind Wi-Fi router, LinXbox Launches on Kickstarter

Wi-Fi Router that protects your privacy. Encrypted connection, Wi-Fi directly to TOR-Network or access your INET at home from anywhere!

January 10, 2018 – Today LinXbox launches its Kickstarter project. Starting from $ 273.The linxbox is the first of its kind wifi-router that allows people interested in using Internet Access from other countries or bypassing their internet restriction in their own countries.

LinXbox is a VPN WiFi-router in a box. LinXbox is to be connected to your internet router at home with RJ-45 cable and requires one free switch-port on your router. After it has been connected to the internet router at home, you connect to the LinXbox with your PC, laptop or mobile with WiFi. You will be presented with a login page to access the services (ref.1). After you have logged in, you will be presented with the services you have subscribed. Choose one of the services, and your internet connection is secured for devices connected on LinXbox.

Sample of uses  

1. Assume that you are in China, the risk that China government can monitor your internet connection and sometimes block some sites is high, with this box, your connection will be secured, and China government can’t monitor your connection.  

2. You live in Thailand but want to watch live Norwegian TV-stream, you need to have a Norwegian IP to watch, and this box will provide you with a Norwegian IP.  

3. You are traveling to a country where the international link is bad. You can use this box to route the traffic to the nearby country for the better international link.

4. Be directly connected to TOR-Network by connecting to LinXbox with WiFi.,q_auto,f_auto/message_attachements/503645478/original/linxbox.jpg

Technical Details  

  • AES 256 bits encrypted connection
  • Operating System on ROM 
  • Online firmware update over Internet
  • Multiple VPN-breakouts worldwide (Switzerland, USA, Singapore, Netherlands and more)
  • Choose between Shared or Dedicated VPN connection 
  • Shared VPN connection: 1:10 sharing 1 IP (sharing up to 1 Gbps connection)
  • Dedicated VPN connection: 1:1 sharing 1 IP (up to 1 Gbps connection) 
  • Plug-and-Play design 
  • Click-and-Connect 
  • HomeLinker feature – connect to your Internet at home from anywhere in the world
  • WiFi directly into TOR-Network,q_auto,f_auto/message_attachements/503645428/original/d33c3d6e337837ed827ef55c7b866ab1_original.png

Risks and challenges

The development of HomeLinker will be started as soon as we have reached our funding goal. The current design is to use port-forwarding to the HomeLinker server on your router. For using the HomeLinker feature, the same Web UI will be used.

The current software for LinXbox is working 100% for connecting with VPN breakouts provided by our working demo-site, Additional breakouts will be added while beta testing period lasts. We need more testers for our traffic engineering design.

The final version case will be designed as soon as the funding goal is reached. The PCB-board will the same as the ones we ships to beta testers.


Media Contact
Company Name: Biltmore NUF
Contact Person: Alexander Johansen
Country: United States