Firmfit Flooring offers easy comparison between laminate, WPC, LVT, and its own special flooring

Firmfit offers one of the most revolutionary flooring solutions ever, eliminating costly maintenance, repair, and damage. The flooring offered by Firmfit is a much better alternative to laminate, WPC, and LVT, as seen in Firmfit’s comparison chart on its website.

UNITED KINGDOM – When it comes to flooring, customers have a lot more choices today. But some of these options may not be ideal, especially for special environments and surroundings. While laminate is readily available, for example, it comes with disadvantages such as not being suitable for areas which are wet or have high moisture and not being suitable for installation in large areas and not being sound absorbent.

However, for those looking for the perfect type of flooring, Firmfit provides the answer. Firmfit flooring has been specially designed with various features and qualities that make it ideal for any environment or purpose. Today, Firmfit has even released a comparison chart between Firmfit flooring and other types of flooring, such as WPC, laminate, and LVT.

This comparison chart can be easily seen on the Firmfit website, so customers can conveniently compare which flooring might be the best fit for them. The comparison chart points out the main advantages as well as disadvantages of each type of flooring, giving customers the information they need to make the proper choice.

For instance, when it comes to LVT, Firmfit confirms that this flooring is made with the use of PVC. There are indeed a lot of pros offered by this kind of flooring, such as it being waterproof, versatile, durable, and affordable, but it comes with some disadvantages as well. It is not DIY-friendly, for example, nor is it stable when exposed to high temperatures and sunlight. It is also prone to scratches, and it needs to be acclimatized before it is installed.

The flooring of Firmfit, on the other hand, when compared to these other types of flooring, really stands out. Firmfit flooring is similar in structure to LVT, but its core is made from limestone instead of PVC. Also, its core doesn’t contain any plasticizers (unlike WPC and LVT), and this makes it easier to deal with. Firmfit is also 100% waterproof, stable during variations in temperature and sunlight, and resistant to heavy static loads and impact. It doesn’t require any acclimation and it is ideal for any kind of room, whether it’s a bedroom, living area, bathroom, kitchen, or other space. It is also sound absorbent and easy to install, and, what’s more, it is 100% recyclable.

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Firmfit is a leading manufacturer of highly specialised, durable, and beautiful flooring for home and business owners. For those who are looking for a better alternative to laminate, WPC, LVT, and wood flooring, visit the Firmfit website at

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