FirmFit floor customers attest to flooring durability, resilience, and versatility

Whilst there are many choices out there in regard to flooring, more customers are recognizing the value of FirmFit flooring. FirmFit flooring is specially-designed flooring which is not only water-resistant but also recyclable, sound-proof, resistant to scratches, and easy to install. Customers who have installed FirmFit floors attest to the floor’s exceptional qualities.

3rd Apr, 2018 – It has long been known that flooring such as laminate and LVT, whilst having improved a lot over the years, presents a lot of challenges if it is to be installed in a large area such as a large living space or open space dining, living, or kitchen area. There’s another problem with materials such as LVT as well – LVT, or luxury vinyl tile, is not generally easy to install as it needs acclimation before it is installed, and it can also telegraph or show imperfections in the sub-floor. Laminate has its own set of problems. Laminate is not ideal for areas which are regularly wet or full of moisture, and it also does not absorb sound. For anyone looking for the best type of innovative flooring, FirmFit is, therefore, an obvious solution.

FirmFit flooring is water-resistant as well as stable in both sunlight and high temperatures, and it can be installed in areas as large as 620 sq. meters or 6400 sq. feet without any transition. It doesn’t need acclimation, either, and doesn’t telegraph any imperfections in the sub-floor. It can be easily installed in any room in the home, and it is sound absorbent, too. With these many great qualities, it’s no surprise that FirmFit floors have become an even more popular choice, as many customers will attest.

A customer who wanted something durable, resilient, and versatile took a chance on FirmFit flooring and is well pleased: “I wanted a kind of water-resistant flooring for the kitchen in the house we just moved into. Luxury vinyl seemed like the right choice to get a nice wood look that was easy to clean. Wasn’t too sure at first since the kitchen is open and has big sunny glass windows and a door going to the backyard. It gets pretty muddy and hot. Took a shot at FirmFit and it’s been holding up great.”

Another customer says, “We decided to install FirmFit luxury vinyl flooring in my kids’ playroom, it’s been installed for a couple months now. No issues whatsoever so we are installing this flooring throughout our 1st floor to keep a unified look.”

About the company:

FirmFit flooring has become distinguished for its innovative and highly advanced qualities, including its water-resistance, its scratch-resistance, its 100% recyclability, its easy installation, and more.

For those who want to learn more about water resistant flooring from FirmFit, visit the website.

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