Fintech Expert Dr. Liang Li Joined Alphacat Lab in the US

The Alphacat research and development laboratory in California has some good news to report: Dr. Liang Li – a well-known global fintech expert – has joined the Alphacat team as Director of the US based laboratory.

This is a big win for Alphacat, considering the talent that Dr. Liang brings to the table.

Dr. Liang received his Ph.D. in communications from the McMaster University, Canada, in 1995. His studies specialized in neural networks and Artificial Intelligence, making him a perfect fit for our team.

From 2002 to 2015, Dr. Liang served as a Technical Director, CTO, and a Consultant for a number of large companies such as Nortel, Motorola, Conexant, Rockwell, and Huawei.

In 2008, he led the development of four international IEEE Wireless Communication Standards and one Chinese Wireless Communication Standard. The IEEE Standards Committee gave a special contribution award to Dr. Liang for his work.

In 2015, Dr. Liang successfully financed, established and served as the CTO of the NxEco intelligent cloud platform company in the United States. NxEcosmart products have entered into both the Chinese and global markets in large quantities.

To date, he has applied for and received more than 10 patents related to artificial intelligence.

Dr. Liang with former China President Mr. Hu Jintao

Dr. Liang has joined Alphacat’s Research & Development (R&D) laboratory in the United States and is mainly responsible for “Fintech & Crypto assets” research. This includes the R&D of Alphacat’s core financial engines; the core algorithm construction of AI prediction engines, big data analysis and the processing of cryptocurrencies, core investment strategies, and other related technologies (such as automated trading).

Bringing onboard an expert with so much relevant experience and success, strengthens the technical foundation for Alphacat’s digital-assets.

Alphacat CEO – Dr. Bin commented that Dr. Liang will play a positive role in the development of the platform; his 20-years of experience and knowledge in the field of AI, combined with his patented-protected technologies will enable Alphacat to build a solid technological foundation for future applications.

It is worth noting that Alphacat is the only blockchain platform in the world that currently possesses patents related to financial technology applications. With Dr. Liang joining the team, Alphacat will enjoy even more intellectual property rights and technological advantages. This will also protect the project from unauthorized use of its technology and related business models as it will generate legal liabilities for those trying to use them.

Alphacat offers a safe, free, yet very powerful platform that makes professional investment in digital assets simpler and accessible to all. The team believes it’s worth to invest in financial science and research, while protecting the intellectual rights of those who created it.



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