FINGERZ FROG: The project for art collectibles, including art toys, collectibles, and other products.

Welcome to the world of monotony and boredom, where the ordinary reigns supreme, and the mundane holds sway. In this realm, life is a never-ending cycle of repetition, and the emotion of suffocating boredom is all too familiar. But amidst this unexciting existence, a peculiar group of frogs has discovered a rather unconventional way to combat their ennui – they’ve embraced the allure of money.

Phase 1: Mint FINGERZ FROG: Vol. 1 (Total Supply: 3,000)

The FINGERZ FROG project beckons you to embark on an extraordinary journey into the heart of mundanity with the unveiling of FINGERZ FROG: Vol. 1. This marks your exclusive opportunity to lay claim to a piece of digital art history, featuring an exquisitely crafted collection of 3,000 meticulously designed digital artworks.

Each of these 3,000 NFTs within FINGERZ FROG: Vol. 1 encapsulates a distinct facet of boredom, ranging from the subtlest nuances to the most profound depths. Even the most mundane of life’s occurrences are transformed into captivating narratives of the uninteresting.

Introducing the captivating Baby Frogs of FINGERZ FROG: Vol. 1

Amidst this vast ocean of monotony emerges the rarest of the rare – the Baby Frogs. These exclusive creatures, numbering a mere 60 out of the 3,000 NFTs (a mere 2%), possess the extraordinary ability to captivate your heart and bestow exclusive privileges upon their fortunate owners.

Allowlist, Pre-sale, and Public Sale Allowlist: 0.008 ETH

For those eager to join this extraordinary journey, the Allowlist phase extends an exclusive

opportunity to acquire these NFTs at a special price. Moreover, in collaboration with the Shibaki NFT Collection, we are delighted to extend this offer to holders of 2 or more Shibaki NFTs.

Pre-sale: 0.012 ETH

Open to everyone, encourages participation through various avenues, from following and liking to sharing and even participating in fan art contests.

Public Sale: 0.02 ETH

The grand culmination of this phase, grants you the chance to acquire FINGERZ FROG: Vol. 1 NFTs at the standard price.

Airdrop and The Boring Raffle: Round 1

To express gratitude to our community and early supporters, we have planned a series of airdrops. Keep an eye out for our announcements to receive these exciting surprises.

Additionally, by minting your NFTs, you can join the FINGERZ FROG CLUB and participate in our raffle.

Phase 2: FINGERZ FROG Art Toy and More

Step into the physical realm with the FINGERZ FROG Art Toy. We also offer a range of products, from apparel to accessories, celebrating our imaginative world.

Phase 3: FINGERZ FROG: Vol. 2

Experience fresh components, designs, and themes in FINGERZ FROG: Vol. 2, keeping the collection captivating.

Phase 4: More Art Toys and Products

Vol. 2 of FINGERZ FROG Merchandise expands with unique collectibles and accessories.

Phase 5: FINGERZ FROG Art Exhibitions

Immerse yourself in physical FINGERZ FROG Art Exhibitions featuring sculptures and digital art.

Phase 6 and Beyond: Ongoing Evolution

Stay tuned for continuous upgrades, expansions, and community engagement. The journey in the FINGERZ FROG world is ever-enthralling.

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