Fine Dining Restaurant Third Coast Rivera Fundraising Campaign Goes Live On Kickstarter

Third Coast Rivera launches campaign on Kickstarter to fund their fine dining establishment project.

Third Coast Rivera, the fine dining restaurant seeking its establishment in Corpus Christi, has launched a campaign on Kickstarter to finance the project. The restaurant wants to make the fine dining experience easy on everyone’s pocket by providing the best but at half the price of what they would normally pay at a regular fine dine establishment.

“We are committed to providing a true fine dining experience to all our guests through a menu that has nothing but the best,” says the spokesperson for Third Coast Rivera about their dream restaurant project. “We want to serve a simple yet flavorful and elegant menu items in a very stylish and graceful setting where guest can have a wonderful fine dining experience. We are hopeful of reaching our financial goals through the campaign on Kickstarter which will make our dream turn into a reality.”

Third Coast Rivera wants to stand apart from the regular fine dining restaurants by becoming one that serves the best menu but without being too expensive. In fact, they are aiming to keep the pricing of dishes at half of what they would have to pay at any regular fine dining restaurant. The team at Third Coast Rivera reckons that it is not within the budget of everyone at Corpus Christi to spend $300 for eating out at a fine dine restaurant with their date.

Third Coast Rivera will have a simple menu but elegant enough to impress patrons and their guests. Of course, they will also be serving the chefs specials too comprising of some delightful gourmet dishes and accompaniments. The restaurant will make it possible for even those with a limited budget to enjoy fine dining experience in an environment that’s elegant and cool. The same flavorful and tasty food that they get at other fine dining restaurants can be enjoyed at Third Coast Rivera for about half the price.

Third Coast Rivera plans to become the community destination for special events such as Prom Nights, first date, birthdays and anniversaries for people on a budget. The project hopes to give back to the community too by getting products from local vendors who maintain the best quality and price. They will also be supporting local charities in Texas.

The team at Third Coast Rivera needs $400,000 to make this project a reality. They plan to raise $100,000 from Kickstarter and another $100,000 from a bank while pitching in savings of $200,000. A major portion of the fund will be used for build out of the leased space while equipment and other stuff will cost them approximately $80,000. Around $40,000 will go towards product and staff training. A portion of the funding is reserved for rewarding backers. The campaign ends on July 17, 2017.

About Third Coast Rivera:

Third Coast Rivera is a fine dining restaurant project conceived by a team of entrepreneurs wanting to help those on a budget enjoy real fine dining experience. A fundraising campaign is currently live on Kickstarter for the project with the goal of raising $100,000 by July 17, 2017. It will be used for funding critical areas of this fine dining restaurant project.

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