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Family-related disputes are very complex and can be painful at times, finding an attorney who understands this is vital to the success of the resolution.

Family Law encompasses a wide range of issues that can arise within families including but not limited to divorce, custody, and adoption. Family is the most important institution in modern society and protecting it should be a priority everywhere but especially within the legal system, this is probably why family law is one of the most complex areas in law. Adding to that inherent complexity is the fact that family disputes are seemingly unsolvable because of the emotions at play. A good family law attorney understands these complexities and can help in solving a dispute in the best possible way, ensuring that the person or persons they are representing see justice done.

Pamela Breedlove has made it her passion to understand the art of conflict resolution with especial focus in family disputes. With over 20 years of experience, she has all the tools at her disposal to make sure that a solution is reached quickly and without having the family sacrifice anything.

A family law attorney does not only have to be well prepared to deal with the legal issues, they also need to know their client’s emotional state and if children are involved it is very important that the attorney knows where they are emotionally as well. This is only to be able to better help the client and reach a good solution in what can be a trying situation both emotionally and financially. Pamela Breedlove is very much aware of the need to protect her client’s interests and making sure that they are in a good place in order to reach a settlement. Family disputes are never easy but the situation can definitely be improved if the attorney is not only on top of their game but also tuned in to their client’s needs.

Since many family disputes deal with children it is vital that the attorney chosen understands children’s needs as well as the importance of listening to their concerns. In serious matters, such as those dealing with abuse, it is necessary that the attorney knows what they are dealing with as well as their client’s psychological state; thus, ensuring that their client’s needs will be acknowledged and their demands and expectations be met. Pamela Breedlove, having specialized in conflict resolution is trained to deal with whatever issues may arise and understands the importance of being sensitive to her client’s particular demands.

About Pamela Breedlove

Pamela N. Breedlove (, known simply as Pam, obtained her license to practice law in Louisiana and Georgia in 1992. The first fifteen years, she focused her efforts on litigation, including medical malpractice defense and family law. She is currently the City Attorney for the City of Grambling. She provides civil and cooperative family law mediation services and is especially interested in the art of conflict resolution.

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