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We are delighted to welcome you to Guangzhou Olansi Water Treatment Equipment Company Limited. This is a top-rated water and air treatment facility that focuses on sales, OEM, research and development. Our firm is one of the most trusted air purifier suppliers that have the best quality product and certainly the latest domestic product styles. Our staff is dedicated to advancing the core technology as well as developing our own product brands in order to achieve healthy living standards. We are an essential element in the broad issue of attaining the national green environmental protection. Our company aims at facilitating a low-carbon environment.

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We boast of an unsurpassed research and development team of experts who utilize developed manufacturing devices. We have dedicated our comprehensive efforts to manufacturing and developing a series of quality products. Some of the products we produce include the large-scale & industrial use membrane separating tech, the multi-purpose effective stainless steel direct drinking tool, the piping system for the direct drinking water machine, the central water purifier, the soft direct water purifier machine, the reverse osmosis (RO) water purifier, the home-standing high energy water purifier, and the on-wall-hanging high energy water purifier for home use. The effectiveness executed by all of these machines makes us the most reliable water & air purifier manufacturer in China.

This company has received numerous accreditations such as the Nationwide Drinking Water & Products Health Safety Certification, the China Nationwide Compulsory Products 3C Certification, and the ISO 9001:2008 Quality System Certification, which were all dispensed by the Department of Communal Healthiness of China. This ministry governs the work quality of all China water & air purifier supplier.

Over our years of operation, our firm has attained several intents. We have applied for some patents and our latest products have filled the market in both the foreign and the domestic water treatment industry. This has actually set a precedent in the industry. At Olansi we are optimistic that we will soon take over the foothold of the water treatment equipment industry, and that we will figure out wider business chances. We additionally plan to enter the foreign market steadily and we hope to become a popular international brand in the industry.

Olansi considers quality as their major element. Our service is also our focal. factor. All staff members at our company keep the management viewpoint of; customers are the most important, service is the highest, and credit if the heaviest. In addition, they work under the service philosophy of create value continuously, and sincerely collaborate with customers. Our management view point is to develop steadily, manage abiding the law, exchange fairly, and serve honestly.

Our team keeps building the win-win & harmony management and spirit value dedication philosophy in order to perk up the market competitiveness. We aim at building up the innovative water drinking idea of health & safety, science & technology, and environmental protection. At Guangzhou Olansi Water Treatment
Equipment Company, we focus our efforts to the deep study & development of the water & air purifying industry. We hope to make a major contribution to development and prosperity of human water drinking engineering.

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