Find Hope and Overcome Adversity With the New Book “It’s Over Now: How I found My Strength to Carry On” by Karrine Watson

Author Karrine Watson unveils a deeply moving and heartfelt memoir titled “It’s Over Now: How I Found My Strength to Carry On.” This captivating book is a testament to resilience, offering a wealth of inspiring anecdotes on navigating life’s most tumultuous moments. Watson masterfully weaves her personal journey into a compelling narrative, offering readers an authentic window into her challenges, triumphs, and the unwavering strength that shaped her resilient spirit.

Having been abandoned by her mother in infancy, Karrine found solace and guidance under the nurturing care of her great-grandmother. The invaluable life lessons instilled during her upbringing served as the bedrock of her resilience, proving indispensable in her journey to adulthood. Through life’s ebbs and flows, Karrine faced profound loss and pain, experiences that mirror the human condition. Despite these hardships, she emerged resolute, courageously confronting adversity with an unwavering spirit.

Karrine’s story is candidly written in a friendly and engaging narrative style. It captures the importance of perseverance and the power of the human spirit. Through the author’s story, readers can learn to find rays of hope in difficult moments and the courage to soldier on.

“It’s Over Now: How I Found My Strength to Carry On” shines a light on the path one should follow when they are facing seemingly insurmountable challenges.  This memoir assures readers that it is not over until they say it is over.

“It’s Over Now: How I Found My Strength to Carry On” is available as an ebook, paperback, and hardcover from Amazon and other online book retailers.  To learn more about the book or the author you can reach her at

About the Author

Karrine Watson is a co-founder and director of Rika Solutions Ltd., a business and career development consultancy in Oldham, England. Through her book, “It’s Over Now: How I Found My Strength to Carry On,” she aims to help people find hope and overcome adversities.

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