Find gym buddies to stay motivated with the new FitVille app

One of the most prominent reasons why people don’t like to go to the gym regularly is a lack of a workout partner, which is why the FitVille app was created. The app allows you to find work out partners in your city to have the right motivation to attend the gym regularly. A number of people experience “gym-tidation” which means they find it uneasy to work out alone but now with this new app, they can find their ideal workout buddies and finally keep their fitness resolution. 

The new FitVille app, now live on crowdfunding platform hopes to raise $20,000. The idea behind the app is to develop a community of fitness enthusiasts and gym goers who can get in touch easily through the app, communicate, come together and build the habit of going to the gym regularly. The app allows you to discover people with similar workout goals and schedule for reinforcing and motivating each other to seek the fitness goals together. 

The user can choose the activity such as yoga, cycling, basketball, lifting, martial arts whichever they are interested in, after which, they can select their suitable days of the week and time to set the schedule. You can add a profile picture, edit or update it and the app will let you discover who else shares your interests. The app allows you to discover the best matches for workout after which you can invite them to join. It also allows you to explore the activities instead or see which of their friends are available in a particular gym or activity club.

Once the profile is set up, the exploring begins and the app sends a notification once a suitable fitness buddy is found. The user can use the app to showcase their progress through a nice storyline. The app aims to become a global platform for the fitness enthusiasts to come together and motivate each other for reaching their fitness goals. 

The app is launched on Kickstarter with a goal to raise $20,000 which will be used for marketing and to manage the development end of the app. The backers can choose among various perks such as the $50 perk that includes a shout out on the social media along with a FitVille t-shirt. The aim of this app to ensure that no gym membership goes waste now and that people can actually keep their fitness resolutions by having the right enthusiasm in company of a workout buddy.

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