Financial Marketing Expert at the forefront of Argentina’s recovery

By: Damaris Sacoto

Buenos Aires – Argentina’s inflation is among the highest in the Americas. The exodus of Argentine nationals with disposable income has left the retailer economy on the brink of collapse and the dollar has become the default currency. In the framework of such critical financial climate financial strategists like Alejandra Roussos have become most prevalent as they propose marketing strategies to help companies rethink their business models.

Roussos has offered counsel to top financial institutions in Argentina, such as Banelco SA the country’s largest ATM machine network, advising on how to keep customers engaged and confident of their product. During Argentina’s toughest financial woes, Roussos developed a much needed online payment service called Pago Mis Cuentas which decreased transaction fees for routine transactions such as paying bills. Roussos focus on modernizing Argentina’s financial platforms has allowed those consumers with families in Europe and the United States to help pay for daily services like utility bills.

“Argentina needed a national financial network solution that would decrease banking fees, increase consumer confidence and ease users ability to make digital transactions’ this way encouraging an economic stimulus,” says Roussos.

A graduate of Standford Univeristy, Roussos has proposed various solutions for helping both consumers become more financially savvy and institutions more Intune with realities of everyday consumers. Roussos also proposes marketing strategies become more consumer centered incorporating people of all demographics and walks of life.

“Today in Argentina consumers are on the same boat of a sinking Titanic, so my hope is to help all stakeholders understand that survival will depend on working together,” Roussos says.

Marketing strategies published by Roussos have been published and used by top organizations such as The Latin American Association of Electronic Funds and Information Transfer Service Operators (ATEFI)and the  European Financial Management Association (EFMA).

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