Filipina widow Red Tan launches empowering single ‘Don’t You Dare!’

Red Tan – a self-made lounge singer, concert producer and entrepreneur – has launched last July 26th her new single titled Don’t You Dare! a pop and electronic dance music recorded with Luke Adams, at River Studios in Southampton. The music video is now under production and will be released on August 16th, meanwhile you can find Red Tan online on Facebook,  Twitter, and Instagram, as well as SoundCloud.

Red Tan has been singing professionally since she was 16. On 2017, she suffered the loss of her husband. She has nonetheless gone from strength to strength in her career, winning two medals at the World Championships of Performing Arts in Los Angeles, and receiving the opportunity to perform at London’s O2 Arena, as a result of having been a finalist in the UKs Open Mic competition.

Red Tan has been working on her debut EP, set for release later this year, as well as her album, which should come out in 2020. Her vocal style and empowering nature of her music has seen her being compared to both Dua Lipa and Blackpink.

We have asked to Red a few questions to better understand the philosophy and the spirit behind her songs.

Q. How much did Luke Adams get to influence the song?

A. The music he did is powerful and has a bit of an attitude so I have to match it with empowering and strong lyrics as well. The words were flowing naturally in me while I was listening to his music.

Q. Working with a team both in the UK and the US – how does the environment and different musical perspectives each has to share gets to shape and influence your writing as a whole?

A. I don’t know exactly how to answer this but I think they’re roughly the same talented individuals with different styles and accents. (LOL) I learned a lot from working with both.

Q. What role does the Philippines play in your music?

A. Filipinos are generally happy and resilient people. They’ve gone through a lot of challenges but still manage to live happily. I think I’ve adapted this kind of Filipino character and it contributed so much to where I am right now. I am more driven and determined in terms of my career and stronger as a person. That’s what I’m proud to share to the world and that reflects in most of my lyrics. I’m proud of my heritage.

Q. What was it like to work with Luke Adams and how did that relationship develop?

A. Luke is an amazing and very talented music engineer, songwriter and singer. He listens well on what I want to do for my songs yet surpasses my expectations when it comes to results. I’m thankful to my mentor Chris Grayston for recommending the right people for my tracks.

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