Fighting Against all odds – The Entrepreneur Who’s Made Successfully (Asafoetida) Hing Manufacturing Company

“Mr. Gaurav Gambhir. CMD Picture”

“Life is about making an impact, not making an income” – these are the famous lines by Kevin Kruse. To become a successful entrepreneur, it’s important to create an impact on the society. And that’s exactly what Gaurav Gambhir has achieved in his career to become a successful entrepreneur.

India is popularly known as the “Land of Spices” and the spices are renowned for their flavor and aroma across the domestic and international markets. With dreams of becoming a model or an actor, the success story of Mr. Gaurav dates back to his college days in 1999 when he set up his own proprietary firm to sell Hing (Asafoetida) – a famous spice that’s cultivated largely in Kashmir and Punjab.

When asked about how and why he chose the Hing business, Mr. Gaurav says “I acquired lots of knowledge about Hing from my father and grandfather, how it is cultivated, and how you identify it. I also noticed that there was less competition in the Hing business, and the industry was lacking the urbanization. I wanted to take this as a challenge and see how much creativity and value I could bring to the business”. That’s how Mr. Gaurav started his company in the name of Shubh Foods.

Like with every business, the start wasn’t easy! Gaurav had to carry the product and the brand to almost every village in India and educate them to give it the reach and visibility. It took him approximately 12 years to make his business a hit in the Indian market.

The hunger to grow did not stop with this. Gaurav wanted to take the Hing industry to the next level and conquer more growth in this area. Today, Shubh Food Industries operates out of a 10,000 sq. ft. factory in Mumbai, India and supplies Hing to the local and international market. With a large production capacity and customized options, Shubh Food Industries have been able to create a special niche in the market.

Talking about the differentiating factors with other companies, “There’re quite a few differentiators”, says Gaurav. The selling prices aren’t too high when compared to competitors. With over 95% of automatic processing involved, there’s no compromise on the quality of Hing supplied to clients like D-Mart, Walmart, Spencer, Reliance, and more. Shubh Food Industries aims to be an innovative player in the market which is marked by the success of their products such as Tadka Blast – one mixture of all spices varied according to the taste of different states in India. Products like this has made life easy for women as well as young bachelors who prefer making home cooked food.

When asked about the future of Shubh Food Industries, Gaurav says that he foresees the company as a brand that will be recognized and trusted by people in India and worldwide for quality products. The company is actively looking at investors to take the business to the next level and create a value for the customers across the world.


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