Fight Against NCD and Addiction of Bad Contents

November 6th, 2017 – Incidences of non communicable diseases have been increasing in the world, according to World Health Organization, heart diseases, cancers, diabetes and other lifestyle diseases have been accounting for almost seventy percent of the deaths worldwide. The trend is expected to continue given that twenty percent of people aged between 18 and over are classified as obese and overweight.

These conditions as noted by World Health Organization report which was published in 2014 are mainly due to lack of physical activities, unhealthy diet and consumption of tobacco. However, this situation is about to change following the launch of a platform that will be helping people lead active and responsible lifestyle. Badal Ray has created a platform known as ROHFA.

ROHFA is a professional social service which uses interactive voice and text push messages to guide people on their daily life. The platform reminds people on important things they are supposed to do. It guides them on the things they are supposed to do in order to live a satisfying life. The platform will remind people to drink water, engage in workout, take their daily medication, pay the bills, attend scheduled events, get ready for work or school, do homework or any other work, go to bed and even wake up. With these reminders and guides, the platform aims at helping people lead happy and stress free lives. It helps people to change the society and make the world a better place. With the platform people of all ages will not only improve their lives but also feel good physically, mentally and socially.

ROHFA sends the interactive voice and push messages through the devices such as phones, tablet and laptop. With such a reach there are high chances of the message getting to the intended recipient, further increasing the chances of influencing an individual to lead a fulfilling life. With the messages people are encouraged to get active, avoid habits or lifestyle that makes them prone to non communicable diseases.

ROHFA not only aims at keeping people away from destructive lifestyles but also promotes a culture where people consume positive content. The platform aims at getting people away from thoughts which lead to bad life; it will be assisting users to stay away from pornography, crime, hate and violence.

With the platform students and others will also find interesting and useful features such as social networking, job search, video interviews, talents, e- book library, instant help among others. These features can be used by users, helping them to use their free time doing constructive things. Genuine users will get reward every month to encourage them for choosing this platform by leaving other bad content websites or apps in the internet to make their future good and healthy life.

ROHFA does not just encourage people to lead healthy lifestyles it also helps them to build strong relationships. Among the messages that people receive is a reminder to keep in touch with the loved ones at least once per day. With such messages people will connect with their loved ones and let them know they are in their thoughts.

To get ROHFA rolling and enable it reach more people, Badal Ray has initiated a crowd funding campaign at Indiegogo.

Ray is calling on well wishers to support the campaign and help in changing the world into a better place for everyone. He adds that making a pledge for ROHFA is an endorsement of healthy living and building healthy society where people can get rid of non-communicable diseases and bad contents addiction in the internet.

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