FIFA 19: Little Bumps Won\’t Stop The Grand Journey

FIFA 19, as one of most feature-laden entry in the soccer series, released on September 28th, has been occupied the top position of UK Physical Games Chats for weeks. As Cristiano Ronaldo takes the major part in the previous publicity of this FIFA edition, he also generally was considered as the merited winner of FIFA 19 sales accomplishment. But the very promising partnership took an unexpected twist as the allegation emerged against this soccer superstar.

It was allegedly claimed that EA already had erased Ronaldo’s existence on FIFA 19 edition, including the homepage, FIFA 19 Twitter, FIFA 19 mobile application. Ronaldo no longer features the cover of FIFA 19 – EA already replaces him with someone else – At the new publicity film of FIFA 19 EA published, Paulo Dybala and Kevin Bruyne are the heroes taking on the major performances in the trailer while there is only a shadow of No.7 polo shirt figure left indicating Ronaldo’ trails was luckily reserved.

Although Ronaldo already fell on hard times and faced up to inevitable setbacks on its sponsorship deals. We still had a big faith in FIFA 19 flourishment, although the Ronaldo allegation might take a toll on its sales record – 69% less than FIFA 18 sale both in the second week of their releases. The game is still the best edition that many FIFA fanboys ever had and wanted for a very long time – there is no doubt about that. And we, as an indie corporation to farm coins on FIFA franchise, have some good news to share with all of you.

As the tremendous FIFA coins transaction industry flourishing by now, there are plenty of professional individuals and teams can be fully competent for the “great assistance” role. And here is one of them – MMOAH, as a crucial member of very few unicorns in in-game currency industry, has been succeeding in FIFA 19 Coins‘ Farming and Trading business for a very long time.

By delivering more than 1000+ orders of FUT 19 Coins under 30 minutes without mistakes, MMOAH has been highly acclaimed among its peers and adored by more gamers from FIFA. Nowadays, MMOAH is dedicating to prompt its service standard to assure better experience for players patronizing its store for Cheap FIFA 19 coins, or any other in-game currency. Based on what looks at now, it made a huge leap in the path.

As Halloween is coming in its way now, MMOAH store is planning a Halloween Campaign regarding all upcoming purchases from MMOAH. This Halloween Celebration is open for all customers that will purchase anything from MMOAH store next few days. Yes, I mean it, anything!!! Whether you are going to buy one single Fortnite 4-Star Grave Digger or ready to shop for Millions of MapleStory 2 Mesos, we guarantee there will be a coupon code for every purchase you will make on MMOAH – “Halloween”, save you 6% off in the MMOAH “Halloween Party”.

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