Fever Socks Keep Feet From Freezing In Snowy Days

Heating socks refer to socks that use batteries to supply power to the built-in heating elements of socks, so that the heating elements can generate heat to keep feet warm. They can also be called electric heating socks or electric heating socks. Electric heating socks are different from self heating socks, which can generate heat to keep warm and the temperature can be adjusted and controlled. Therefore, there is no doubt that heat socks can really give off heat and keep your feet warm in snowy days.

(1) Working principle of heating socks

A pair of heating socks includes: 1 x pair of socks, 2 x 4000mAh lithium ion batteries, 2 x power cables, 1 x user manual. The heating sock has a built-in heating element (heating piece), and a pocket is designed for storing the battery. After the battery is connected and the power is turned on, the heating element uses the “current thermal effect” to quickly generate heat, which conducts and wraps the feet to keep them warm.

(2) Characteristics of fever socks

1. Fast heating, comfortable and warm

The heating element (heating piece) of the heating sock is a kind of soft and heatable sheet fabric, which can be designed on the toe, sole or instep. The heating element is embedded in the sock fabric interlayer, which makes it feel comfortable and fit without foreign matters. Heat socks: turn on the power and heat quickly for 1 minute. The heat is evenly distributed in the socks to provide intimate warmth for your feet.

2. Simple temperature control, 3-gear temperature control

It is very convenient to adjust the temperature of heating socks through remote control. The socks are designed with 3-gear temperature control. Press and hold the button for about 3 seconds, and the red light will be on. Press the button briefly to adjust the temperature, and press and hold again to close. Therefore, you can adjust to the most appropriate temperature according to your own needs. Whether indoor or outdoor, whether in late winter or early spring, these socks are very practical.

3. High quality materials, safe batteries

Heat socks are made of high-quality materials. The interior is soft and skin friendly. They are characterized by water absorption, breathability, quick drying and good elasticity. Socks fit the foot for excellent comfort. The battery adopts high-quality battery cells, with over-current, over-voltage, over-voltage protection functions, and high safety factor. The battery can be recharged repeatedly.

(3) How to use heat socks

1. Fully charge the battery before first use. Turn off the power switch when charging.

2. Connect the fully charged battery to the sock, turn on the power and put the battery into the sock pocket.

3. Use the remote control to adjust to a comfortable temperature gear.

4. When washing hot socks, you can wash them by hand directly. Please use a laundry bag when washing with the washing machine. It is prohibited to dry at high temperature. Dry naturally in the shade.

Heat socks can be heated for 5~6 hours, and the longest can be up to 24 hours, providing you with warmth throughout the day. However, the actual time is affected by the heating gear, battery capacity and ambient temperature. Wear hot socks in winter, and never be afraid of freezing feet in snowy days.

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