Fellon Phelps, the Sensational Rap Artist Who Took the World Of Rap Music By Storm

Fellon Phelps, the Sensational Rap Artist Who Took the World Of Rap Music By Storm

Cleveland based creative, skilled and talented rap artist Fellon Phelps is set to shake the music industry with his talents. He has released over 10 musical projects overflowing with infectious harmonies, vocal melodies and vivid exhilarating rhythms that became an instant hit back-to-back.

Fellon Phelps is a talented musician-artist born and raised on east 120th street, off St.Clair, Cleveland, Ohio on May 31, 1984, to Cynthia and James Farmer. Fellon Phelps is known to be an independent person just like his parents and started working at age 14 making his own money, buying a brand new vehicle and his own apartment thereby taking on responsibility earlier in life. His mother always said he was ahead of his time coming out with hair, walking at 7 months, and even potty training himself to become very independent.

He began his music career when he learned how to rap from his brother James Jr who showed him how to dress, fight, use a gun, rap, and perform. He later moved to Los Angeles California where his Mother hailed from to explore his love of creating rap music, and within a ten-year time frame, he would move to multiple places like Shaker Hts, Canton Ohio, Kent Ohio, New York City, Chicago Illinois, and Atlanta Georgia where he mastered Gangland, Song Writing, Mixing, Mastering, Manufacturing, Distribution, Marketing, Promotion, and Advertising.

Fellon Phelps is not your typical musician artist profanity references to appeal to the masses.  His music is diverse and speaks from the heart, reflecting his personality of simplicity, street-savvy, friendliness, and humbleness. His style features lyrical diversity and vivid storytelling that makes you feel like you were there with a strong delivery of Trap, Drill, Gangster, Political, and Electronic Hip-Hop. He is known to record 4 full original songs every 5-hour studio session making him the most talented Cleveland rapper of all-time and one of the best rappers from the United States.

Best described as a Gemini who has a very nice side then a very dark mean side, Fellon Phelps first release “Hollywood” got over 100,000 Downloads at $10.00 dollars a pop. He also owns his own production website Wildchildtv.com which means whatever he earns from music goes directly to his account.

Fellon Phelps goals include winning Grammys plus other music awards, becoming a billionaire by making one million dollars 1 thousand times, having each of his music releases played on radio over 1 million times making each a hit record, and to sale 1 million Downloads or more of each Album or Single making every release platinum or better.

Follow Fellon Phelps on Social media:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fellonphelps216/?hl=en 

Youtube channel: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC2yar5NvD4K3zrYqCML7waw  

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FellonPhelps216?s=09 

Snapchat: https://www.snapchat.com/add/fellonphelps216

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To know more about Fellon Phelps please visit http://wildchildtv.com/ or call 718-644-2033

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