Fe-el Announces A Renewal With New Digital Services

Fe-el is an Italy based digital agency that offers website developing, digital strategy and digital marketing and art direction to local businesses which allows them to develop a consistent digital strategy related to their marketing strategy and business strategy, so they can better achieve their business goals and eliminate waste.  Fe-el accomplishes this through their combination of services which includes responsive designs, search engine marketing, search engine optimization and social media marketing. The company recently announced that they are going through a phase of renewal and will now be offering new and upgraded digital services.

Fe-el web agency has always been recognized for its distinctive sense of creativity, and an understanding of what will be the next up and coming drift in the market. During the renewal, the company developed a different outlook of digital strategies which they call “Agile customer experience”. This new development seeks to put the focus back on to understanding the needs, wants and fears of the ultimate customer and then developing a digital strategy that cater to the customer keeping those 3 elements in mind, to ultimately improve the customer experience.

Talking about the new development, the company spokesperson said: “We apply the Agile method in the development of simple digital projects and design around the needs, values ??and fears of real customers. We create small project teams are able to directly follow the brand and reduce design and development time, eliminating waste and rework. We use prototyping and creation of MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to test projects at an early stage and identify immediately what are the aspects of greatest value for customers.”

According to Fe-el the Agile customer experience is used to improve the performance of web site, enhance user experience design, navigation, creativity, brand image of web site and communication relative to brand awareness. This service is particularly beneficial for large businesses such as banks and insurance companies that have to deal with a large number of clients and their needs are the prime focus.

The in-house design and development team tailor have also been trained to deliver customer oriented results that are timely, reduce waste and keep the focus on what is really important.


Fe-el web Agency that deals with the design, development and promotion of e-commerce. Fe-el is an agency that deals with the development of digital solutions.

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