Faulkner Family Chiropractic Just Added Dr. Sarah Horsley Ayers to Their Mt. Sterling Chiropractic Office

Faulkner Family Chiropractic is always looking for ways to better serve their patients. That is why they have added a chiropractor who specializes in women and children to their team.

Mt. Sterling, Kentucky – Faulkner Family Chiropractic is proud to announce the addition of a new doctor to their clinic, Dr. Sarah Horsley Ayers. She will be bringing years of experience in the profession, thereby adding more value to the patients.

Dr. Sarah’s addition validates Faulkner’s desire to expand their chiropractic services and deliver even better medical solutions. She can adjust people of all ages, but carries a unique specialization in the care of woman and children, and those who are pregnant.

Dr. Sarah is proficient in several adjusting techniques and loves seeing all different types of patients and complaints. Dr. Faulkner invited her to join his team after seeing the qualities of her special adjusting skills.

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More people are beginning to see the benefits of alternative medicine in dealing with different ailments and symptoms. This is the reason why Faulkner Family Chiropractic is expanding in their operation, so there is a need to bring in more hands to deliver quality medical service.

Dr. Sarah Horsley Ayers is a professional who believes in the power and capacity of the human body to heal itself. She grew up witnessing many of her high school and undergraduate classmates struggle with drug addictions and then ending up having surgeries that didn’t make any serious impact. “It was that timing, it has hit most families and especially our region, I’m so glad she joined us,” Dr. Faulkner said.

Her specialization in the health care of women and children is an added advantage for Faulkner Family Chiropractic. As a mother herself, she understands fully the importance of taking good care of the women and kids, and she is more than prepared to meet the challenge.

Faulkner Family Chiropractic offers a range of physio-therapy that helps to bring back full performance in patients. They treat several kinds of symptoms including back pain, arthritis, headaches, neck pain, sciatica, scoliosis, etc.

Some of their patients are people who have suffered auto injuries and sports injuries. They have special chiropractic treatments and methods they have perfected over the years, helping patients heal from their injuries and symptoms.

For more information, please contact 859-762-0009, support@mtsterlingchiropractor.com, or visit http://www.mtsterlingchiropractor.com.

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