FatalCut Entertainment reminisce the most popular Cameroon artists in their new article “Heavy Hitters of Cameroon Music from 1979 to 2019”

FatalCut Entertainment reminisce the most popular Cameroon artists in their new article “Heavy Hitters of Cameroon Music from 1979 to 2019”

FatalCut Entertainment is a leading online entertainment platform that features a variety of videos, audios and articles on the film and music industry. Their latest article “Heavy Hitters of Cameroon Music (1979-2019)”  or “Les Géants De La Musique Camerounaise” is rapidly gaining popularity among their readers in Cameroon and beyond. For this article, FatalCut Entertainment went down the memory lane to observe the foundation of Rap, Hip-Hop, Afro-Pop music in Cameroon and discovered the music artists who pioneered the Hip Hop scene in the country.

The article highlights the significant changes in the Cameroon music industry over the past 40 years. After months of research and analysis, the findings are shared in this article that gives a clear insight into the deep-rooted culture of the original Cameroonian music industry, which is now evolving into new forms of musical expression. 

The music industry in Cameroon has especially changed in the past two decades and unlike previous decades when genres like Makossa, Bikutsi, Ben Skin, and Soukous were highly celebrated, the trends have changed as Hip-Hop gained high popularity in Cameroon. This resulted in Cameroonian artists taking the stage in world Hip-Hop scene and every other day, we come across a Hip-Hop track by Cameroonian artist, some of them including Stanley Enow, Magasco, and Jovi. Furthermore, the Cameroonian Afro-Pop and Hip-Hop artists are also collaborating with top musicians from other African countries like Nigeria, Ghana, and Tanzania, which is further increasing their popularity.

The article by FatalCut entertainment covers this rapid evolvement of Rap, Hip-Hop and Afro-Pop music and Cameroonian artists over the decades and how it affected their music industry. For a country that didn’t appreciate Hip Hop music much, about 20 years ago, this cultural shift is highly remarkable. A glimpse into the growing Cameroonian music industry. Video summary available on YouTube.

While reading this article, one gets to know how artists like Stars System, Benjo Styl, Mc Olangue, Bashiru, Krotal, Ak Sang Grave, XLM Squad, Bantu Posi, and Rage 2 Z-Vil, became the pioneers for Hip Hop music with their relentless efforts to promote Hip culture in Cameroon. These musicians, along with many others, were inspired by neighboring Nigeria and the West as they kept testing the waters of Hip-Hop in Cameroon.

The article beautifully covers the growth of music in the past four decades in Cameroon, sharing inside stories of the artists who topped the charts in all these years and what the future holds for the Cameroon music industry.

Read the complete article “Heavy Hitters of Cameroon Music from 1979 to 2019” HERE.

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