Farhad Shahi to shoot in Paris for his debut film

Meet the young filmmaker startups, debut project rolls out next month.

28 December, 2017 – Bangladeshi young Film Maker Farhad Shahi who established a new film production company in Rome Italy, called CINEMA HUB ENTERTAINMENT is set to shoot his debut film “Thousands of miles away” in Paris next month. According to the production manager MainulAtif, the movie will feature the best and most beautiful places in Paris.

Our mission is not just to create a high expectation in the heart of our audience, but also to deliver exceptional and fascinating pictures and visuals.

However, CINEMA HUB ENTERTAINMENT is a brand that has been creating so many commercial videos for big companies, documentary films for international organizations, working as a media collaborator with Rome Business School, and also regular participation in making music videos for one of Italy’s music production company. It is all about keeping our sustainable income, “but our primary goal is to produce excellent feelings, through motion pictures with affordable budget,” said marketing director Ashad Ibrahim.

You have got vast resources and opportunities, so why have you chosen to create your debut movie on a low budget, is this due to lack of confidence?

The young founder, Farah, smiled in a reply and said “you are aware of an American filmmaker Sean Baker, who made a film with an iPhone and got so many international awards, he is one of my inspiration.  Also, my movie focuses on natural beauty as well as human relations. Farah believes there are lots of remarkable untold stories found in the heart many individuals, and in the writer’s imagination, my company will interpret these potentials, inputs them into a movie, one after another. To make a masterpiece, you don’t need much budget; basically, you need outstanding storytelling ability.    

“Texto Lento” is one of Farhad Shahi’s remarkable music video. “The music is about a shy guy trying to manage a girl, but he finally doesn’t have the courage to even talk to her, so he decided to write her a song called “Texto Lento” in English “A Slow Lyrics” Farad participated as cinematographer & director.
                                                                                           Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/6hFkTw4U_v8

Another one is a Travel Film titled “Experiencing Rome.” When Rome, Italy is your campus, you get to enjoy and experience the magic of the so-called, Eternal City. It’s hard not to fall in love with Rome!

“Happiness is a journey they say, not a destination and passion keeps you alive in it, keeps you in motion.” This is a caption from one of the well-known fashion company.  Frahad cleverly directed this company message and shown to us the emotional and mindful relation with the clothes and human life.  

For more information, visit: https://www.facebook.com/PlaireLifestyle/videos/1577083565707618

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Cinema Hub entertainment Film and Video Production Company is a core professional in the area of film and video production, consulting and business structuring, to assist the organization in building a standard and world-class film and video production company that can favorably compete with other leading film and video production brands in Bangladesh and international market.

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