Fareed Salahuddin Unveils Debut Novel “Invisible Wounds: An Exit But No Escape” a Profound Exploration of Resilience and Healing

This month marks the highly anticipated release of Invisible Wounds: An Exit But No Escape, the debut novel by Fareed Salahuddin. Drawing from true events, this gripping fiction novel explores the themes of childhood abuse, resilience, and the quest for freedom from past traumas.

In Invisible Wounds, readers are introduced to a young boy and his siblings, living under the tyrannical rule of their father in the wake of their mother’s illness. Despite facing unbearable challenges and carrying both visible and invisible scars, the protagonist displays remarkable resilience and an unyielding hope for escape and healing.

Author Fareed Salahuddin, with his extensive background in the medical field, particularly in wound care and as an assault nurse examiner, brings a deep understanding of both physical and emotional trauma to his writing. His experiences enrich the narrative, offering a vivid and empathetic portrayal of the protagonist’s struggles and triumphs.

“With Invisible Wounds, I aimed to bridge the gap between fiction and reality, giving voice to the silent pains of abuse and illustrating the profound strength required to overcome them,” says Salahuddin. “This novel, inspired by true events, is not just a story—it’s a mirror reflecting real-life struggles and the journey towards healing.”

Invisible Wounds: An Exit But No Escape is more than a novel; it is an invitation to readers to bear witness to a story of pain, resilience, and hope. It serves as a source of inspiration and a call to awareness for those who have endured similar experiences.

Invisible Wounds: An Exit But No Escape is now available for purchase on major online retailers. Readers can order their copy today at:

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Invisible-Wounds-Exit-But-Escape/dp/B0D2371P35

Barnes & Noble: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/invisible-wounds-fareed-salahuddin/1145396180

To dive into this emotionally compelling journey, visit www.fareedsalahuddindyspress.com or follow the book on Instagram @invisible_wounds_novel.

About Fareed Salahuddin:

Fareed Salahuddin has dedicated over a decade to the medical field, advocating for and aiding survivors of violence. His first novel, Invisible Wounds, synthesizes his medical expertise and his passion for storytelling, marking his debut in the literary world with a work that resonates deeply with real-world issues.

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